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Jeremy’s Julz

Posted in Uncategorized on December 9, 2016 by Saliva Vic

AlkaholiK KronikleZ

You make me feel like a little girl, what do you do to me – Erykah Badu


I love the way when I told you you’re beautiful you would deny it yet smile so hard you would cover your face.

I love the way we would always get kicked out of Mwenda’s on Monday nights but we always found another spot.

I love the way when the dark days came we helped each other reach out to the light.

I love the way you left me voice notes on the WhatsApp. You’re the only one who ever did.

I love the way we jumped over puddles & sipped gin in the ATM booth the last time we hang out.

I’ll miss all that.

This will sound selfish Julz but who am I gonna go to Mwenda’s with? Who am I supposed to turn to now when it gets dark? But…

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Oh God why am I here – Alessia Cara


Escaping isn’t The escape ✨

Posted in Uncategorized on December 5, 2016 by Saliva Vic

Logophile ♡

The alcohol came in fast. The cigarettes faster. I was all about the drugs. The high it all brought me that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Well, he brought some serenity to my world of high and unsober, but because I’d been training myself to keep off unnecessary attachments, the drugs would be my only solace.

Clubs. Parties. Random mini-vacations. That was my current life. This city to this other. I couldn’t stay put. I just couldn’t call anywhere home no more. I had a couple of apartments all over, a couple of penthouses in pretty places. But that was it. I slept where the high got the better of me.

Now, this life can be really amazing. The thrill can be really nice. But beyond that? You’re escaping reality. No sense of purpose. Nothing. You are just mixed up in the maze of ‘too much’. And once you find…

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