Ryner Shivisi. A Beautiful Name For A Beautiful Person

The time is ours to take so let’s take it – Jhene Aiko


When we first met your smile won me over….

Then that laugh & realness made me feel the luckiest…you were a four leaf clover….

You knew me so well, got me a beer mug for my born day….

I drank vodka from it straight no chaser on your gone day…..

I hate that I didn’t stay in touch like I had no hands….

I planned to, but God laughs when we make plans….

Now…You’re with others like you…Angels…

The only reason I believe in heaven & all these other fables….

Is coz you can’t be anywhere else but heaven…the closest thing to perfect…from deep within….

Till I see you again…Thank you Ryner…for making an odd person like me feel like I could fit in….

I play this as I think of you. I’ll never forget you babe.







10 Responses to “Ryner Shivisi. A Beautiful Name For A Beautiful Person”

  1. That’s a beautiful tribute…

  2. I never met Ryner, but listening to her on radio made me feel like I knew her. RIP. God chooses whom he wants to be with him and we cannot question. She is in a better place.

  3. Truly heartfelt fam, bless up.

  4. Now there’s an angel we know. RIP Ryner.

  5. R.I.P Miss Shivisi….:( 😦

  6. Gone too soon. RIP Ryner.

  7. RIP Ryner…. gone too soon…

  8. RIP

  9. Rest in peace ma friend… go to Jesus and make him smile too. you made soooo happy love rest thee well.

  10. i will miss my bestie . 😦 I GAINED AN ANGEL RIP #ryner

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