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MMLP2 – Eminem Album Review

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Why be a king  when you can be a god – Eminem


Needless to say Eminem is pretty much the best rapper outchea after my man Andre 3000. The dude has decided to make a follow up to what is his greatest album, the Marshall Mathers LP with Marshall Mathers LP 2 which I have highly anticipated & prayed it doesn’t disappoint. Without further nonsense let’s go in!


Marshall is planning to kill someone. I think it’s a chick. But the hook is a girl singing about what must be Eminem hating how bad ass he has been. This beat is so fucking dope! The beauty about Eminem is how well he tells a story. A gift very few rappers possess. Okay, he’s about to kill the chick. No. Wait! This is the sequel to Stan. Matthew the kid bro is killing Eminem. But really this is Em killing himself. This is classic MPD. Stan even makes an appearance on this! The beat switches as Em dies, Marshall beasts at the end explaining how Stan & Matthew are metaphors for his conscience & shit. This is Eminem’s quasi apology for all the hateful lyrics he spit in his early years. I know that feeling. I still hate Frank Ocean’s music. Quotable: Tragic/ potrait of an artist/ tortured/ trapped in his own drawings/ tappin the thoughts blacker & darker than anything imaginable.


This sounds like a follow up to the robbery on “Criminal” from MMLP. Not that interesting. Car chase, break down, suicide.


Oh shit!! I know the sample! The Zombies “Time of the season”. I love this! He says hip hop ain’t dying on his watch! He literally saves hip hop with just one bar! I love that he says that rappers best stay clear of him. Have you ever noticed that no one ever goes for Eminem except for lames like Benzino & Canibus who he slaughtered! Dude may be 40 years old but still has daddy issues! This is a song for people like me who will never grow up! Quotable: I still am a criminal/ 10 year old degenerate grabbing on my genitals/ the last Mathers LP done went diamond this time I predict that this one will go emerald!


You know Em has to take a jab at the women. Kim broke the kids heart years ago & the world knows it. Eminem wishes death on a chick who cheated on him with a gang of rappers. This jam has some sick lines like “I’m only driving drunk coz that bitch drove me to drink” see what he did there? and I’ll never say the L word again/ I L/ L/ L/ L/ LESBIAN! ROFLMAO! This is the best song to listen to after you catch your girl cheating! Quotable: I got 99 problems & a bitch ain’t one/ she’s all 99 of em I need a Michelin gun/ I take em all out!


This is the one from that video game “Call of Duty” but still. This is Eminem in his battle rapper mode. This to me feels like a response to Kendrick’s “Control” verse. Rap is a constant battle & it’s survival for the fittest. At 40 & with two horrible albums to make up for Marshall goes hard even criticizing his own self ! Dope as fuck! Quotable: Will I survive in this climate or what/ they said I was washed up & got a blood bath/ I’m not a rapper I am an adapter I can adjust/ plus I can just walk up to a mic & buss/ so floors open if you’d like to discuss/ top 5 in this muhfucka & if I don’t make the cut/ like I give a fuck/ I’ma light this bitch up like I’m driving a truck!  Sidebar: The entire third verse is a quotable!


I hate that title coz I hate Subarus. I hate Subarus coz Subaru drivers are assholes. Let’s see if this sucks like it’s name. Oh shit! From jump I love this! It’s about people like us. People who are different. When he says “Why am I so differently wired am I a martian/ what kind of twisted experiment am I involved in/ coz I don’t belong in this world that’s why I’m scoffin at/ authority/ defy it often”! Marshall made a song for the crazy kids, the weird kids, the bullied kids, the special ones! Polina killed it on the hook! I realize now that this album can only be appreciated by people with issues! On the 3rd verse he makes you realize it’s cool to be different, it’s a gift!


This has to be good! I love Skylar Grey & Alex Da Kid produced this so it can’t suck! Oh snap! I can totally relate. When I started doing my radio show, “The Riot” everyone thought I’m an asshole to the point that I got threats! Then you feel sick inside. Eminem is regretting his earlier work but he still stands by what he said coz it was his opinion! Skylar sings rather mockingly that everybody knows Em is an asshole. Hahaha! Eminem says he will never fall in love & the only women he loves are his daughters! Quotable: Thanks for the support asshole.

By the way. This album is loooooooong! None of the songs are below 5 minutes yo!


This is the first single. This is a jam made for 80s babies. The Beastie Boys sample takes me back to Krush Groove & Beat Street. This is a go nuts & jump around screaming like a white girl type record. The lyrics aren’t amazing but dudes flow is nice plus I love it when Eminem screams on a record. Reminds me of Axl Rose from GNR. With that said, skip!


Whoa! I thought “Survival” was a response to Kendrick’s “Control” verse, now this is Eminem shitting on all of hip hop! Andre 3K needs to stop sewing clothes & drawing cartoons & come with some heat to burn this dude! This jam is 6 minutes of fucking awesome! 6 minutes Slim Shady you’re on & you killed it on DVLP’s beat! Shout to the Doe Boyz for this beat by the way! Hahhahaaa! Eminem disses using “Lookin Boy” which makes me think of Omarion & Raz B being molested by Chris Stokes. Quotable: I make elevating music/ you make elevator music!


Oh Oh. I smell something shady. Slim Shady. This is head nod music. I love the beat. Em raps that “Mama used to say if you had a brain you’d be dangerous”. Ha! This is the angry white kid from 13 years ago. This song isn’t that good now that I have been listening to it for three minutes. I know why. It reminds me of The Eminem Show.


I sense Eminem is about to be in his feelings again. Oh shit! The beats are epic! Marshall is singing like Drake. Yep! This is a song about heartbreak. Gosh! How many times have I felt like this? Like my last heartbreak, when she left me I felt like death but once I was done crying I felt stronger! The rap part is insanely sick! Everyone who has ever been heartbroken must listen to this song!


First off shout out to my future wife, Robyn! Clearly Eminem understands that if he has to make a song for the radio but still keep it real he needs to get Rihanna on it just like he did with “Love The Way You Lie”. Let’s see what’s in store. OH MY GOD! THIS SONG IS FUCKING EPIC! I’m crying for real! Robyn sings “I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed/ get along with the voices inside of my head/ you trying to save me stop holding your breathe/ you think I’m crazy but that’s not fair!” This is the story of my life! By the way if this song doesn’t go to number 1 worldwide, people suck! I listened to this song three times & I don’t have a quotable. That Rihanna hook, wah!


Hmmmm…This is a rock classic! Marshall has sampled Life’s Been Good by Joe Walsh yo! You start to sing along then realize Eminem has changed the words! Still this is fucking awesome. I’m sure Rick Rubin is the man behind Eminem sampling these rock classics! This is a jam about the downside of fame! Hahahaaa! Eminem is hilarious! He describes a fan asking for his autograph on a napkin while he’s taking a shit so he wipes his ass with it & says “Todd, You’re the shit”. Geezus! The production on this song is incredible! Quotable: Turned 40 & I still sag!


This is the song all rap fans have waited for. King Kendrick meets God Eminem. Let’s see how it goes. Hahahaha! It’s about a girl he falls in love with but is actually an industry whore! LOL Kendrick is rapping about Sherane cheating on him! Woi! K Dot imitating Sherane says “You should eat it when I’m on my period”. Props Kendrick he tried to murder Eminem & his verse is better than Marshall’s first verse but that third verse Eminem resurrects & buries Kendrick. The storytelling is amazing, Em spits with so much detail you picture the entire scene! Fuck! Best verse ever! Plus I can relate! Quotable: Her voice was hoarser than Tori Spelling’s face! (See what he did there?) Sidebar: Isn’t this the same sample from De La Soul’s “My Brother’s A Basehead”?


We all love Nate Reuss so I’m sure we’re in store for awesome! Oh shit! This song is about Debbie, Marshall’s mother. Whoa! That hook is gut wrenching, Only Nate could have sang this hook. Eminem is facing his biggest demon, his fucked up relationship with his mom. I never knew his brother Nathan was taken away by social services. This is a huge apology, he even says he no longer performs “Cleaning Out My Closet” at shows & hates it being on the radio. Em still makes jokes in between what is the saddest song on the album. That hook is so eerie doe! CLASSIC!


Oh oh. Slim Shady’s back on this one. This jam is on battle mode! Check out this pun “You done called every woman a slut but you forgot Sarah, Marshall”! BOOM! That’s why he’s a rap god. Dude is clever with his lines unlike these other bums! Eminem is so cocky on this shit. He listens to his old albums so that he can keep up with the competition?  Geezus! He just made me laugh at Heath Ledger’s death! Quotable: Fuck top 5 bitch/ I’m top 4/ that includes Biggie & Pac whore/ and I got an evil twin so who you think that 3rd & 4th spot’s for! 

Evil Twin

Done! Guess what I’m singing. “Guess who’s back/ back again/ Shady’s back/ tell a friend!” Yaaaaaaas! Marshall doesn’t disappoint as he did on his last 2 albums. This is a classic album! This is his best work in years! Plus he has entered the league of rappers who make real people music like Tyler The Creator, Mac Miller, Macklemore, Kendrick Lamar & Earl Sweatshirt. If you like ratchet rap, party music or conscious hip hop this is not for you. This is for anyone that has been fucked by life, been through pain, has fought to be accepted & succeeded at embracing their demons.

Thank you Eminem for bringing back music that makes sense.