Forever Ruhila

We all enjoy the madness coz we know we’re gonna fade away – Robbie Williams


I never met Ruhila Adatia Sood. I never met her in person but we were great friends on the social network. I remember the first time I met baby girl I was hosting Nonini’s 1Breakfast show & she tweeted me to tell me that she was listening & loved it. I then tuned in to East FM Breakfast to listen to her hosting Aleem’s show at the same damn time!

This was our song!!!!!!! CHENNAI EXPRESS!!!

That was when my friendship with Ruhila began. We both had an admiration for each other’s work. I would listen to her when I was strung out, hang over & she was filling in for the breakfast crew. I would also tune in during my own show, The Riot, just to get my fix of Ruhila’s bubbly personality.

Yesterday my friendship with Ruhila ended. As I was self medicating kama kawa my ex told me that Ruhila had been shot by those Al Shabaab cowards at Westgate. I refused to believe this as I cried all the way home, only for my brother to confirm it. My biggest weakness has always been procrastination. I put things off then regret not doing them later.

Ruhila, I wanted to surprise you with pastries at your work to celebrate your forthcoming bundle of joy. I kept putting it off to sleep, smoke up, drink or just lounge. Now you’re gone. Tonight I’ll be dreaming of you & I will tell you what I should have when you were here

Please give the people you love flowers while they can still smell them. Tell someone you love that you love them today.







12 Responses to “Forever Ruhila”

  1. šŸ˜„ Am fighting tears , Thanks JO this is sweet . May she RIP !

  2. Gracekaranjahkalekye Says:

    I will miss her n her swit voice while givin the entertaiment news..R.I.P

  3. Il miss her bubbly sweet gentle voice on radio….she was one of my best female presenters….rest in peace sweet lady…

  4. i always loved listening to her give entertainment news.. her witticisms were so contagious!! RIP Ruhila, you were an angel

  5. Kish

    You are an amazing friend Vic and a phenomenal human being.

  6. sorry bro,may her beautiful soul rest in peace!! i love u

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