A.N.N.E.T.T.E : An Ode To My Queen

“It don’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine!” – Common

I really debated putting this poem outchea after I wrote it. I kept thinking what it would expose & all that other shit but then I thought about all the poor poor bastards outchea who don’t have the testicles to put their emotions down on paper & figured they might benefit from this. Otherwise this has been inspired by my lovely queen.

My Queen

My Queen

Always finding a way to make me smile, fuck that, you give me a reason to live.

Never listening to the naysayers & haters, instead giving me a shot at your heart.

Naughty but nice, quiet but loud, gentle yet strong, you’re a double up, more than I can ever give.

Extremely intelligent & driven, when we get together, they’ll never tear us apart.

Talented like crazy you are, when you sing it feels like my heart will melt.

Titillating kisses from your lips & your gentle touch are the greatest I ever felt.

Ecstasy does not begin to describe my state of mind since I met you, I dig you to death.



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