Yeezus : Kanye West Album Review

I see flaw/ cracks on yo diamond/ CB4/ when you rhyme Simple Simon! – Pusha T.

This is one of the most anticipated…nah..fuck that, this is the most anticipated release since Christians started waiting for the second coming of Christ more than 2000 years ago! The album they said would never leak. The album that would sell without a radio single or a video, just two SNL performances & Ye’s rapping projected in 66 cities simultaneously!

Well. It leaked. After working Kim K like he did for promo (see here) I wouldn’t put it past Kanye to have done this on purpose so he can drop the REAL album on Tuesday. Anywho, I got it. Let’s venture in & see what’s in store. Is it worth the hype?



The intro reminds me of MBDTF but it gets al electro + synth real quick! Sounds like Orgy on lean. Or a lazy Daft Punk. The lyrics are dope though. He raps about not giving fucks & flips a soul sample. I miss that. He talks a lot about fucking a chick, sticking his dick in my spouse & her mouth a lot. The production sounds odd, he plays with his MPC & it’s a wrap. I won’t lie I played it twice. I can dance to this on some drugs. Ok.


Once again the intro reminds me of MBDTF. I like the drums. That’s a Marilyn Manson sample no? I like this. I like the content. It’s like dude is out to piss white people off. Isn’t he having a baby with a white girl? Uh Oh! Is that a Chief Keef reference? Quotable: I keep it 300/ like the Romans/  300 bitches/ where the Trojans. You know Keef keeps it 3 hunna! Now he attacks coons. I like this. The 808s are heffi! He shouts “GOD” then it’s a wrap. At least his jams aren’t as long as Kendrick’s. Yes! The drums remind me of this Marilyn classic!


I love the title. We are all gods. After all, weren’t we created in his image? Weird dancehall voice at the beginning. Sounds familiar. Might be God. No. It’s Capleton. This sounds like 808s & Heartbreaks with better flows. Yo! I won’t lie, I like this shit! Ye talks more shit than Hov in his prime! Quotable: I just spoke to Jesus/ he said wsup Yeezus/ I said shit I’m chillin/ tryin to stack these millions!” Dope! Once again lyrics over production. The beat switches a bit & he’s running or being chased & screaming. Yo! Yeezy this ain’t a movie dawg! Where was God? Justin Vernon?


This was the one projected in 66 cities. I like this one already. Real introspective lyrics & realness about the music industry, a bunch of slaves. I like the production too. My mantra, “There’s leaders & there’s followers/ but I’d rather be a dick than a swallower”. Quotable: Fuck you & your Hampton house/ I fuck your Hampton spouse / me cum in her Hampton mouth”. This nigga wanna be the Charlamagne of rap! I love the soul sample at the end. Where was Frankie?


I hope I don’t have to ask where Keef is. Oh shit! Keef sounds sober. A lot of auto tune though. Yo! Is Ye rapping about Alexis? Damn! I like this! Just realized that this album is 808s & Heartbreaks wit Ye rapping & his minions doing the auto tuned singing. Why has he stopped rapping? This shit now sounds like Daft Punk “Aerodynamics” only not as nice. Five minutes & all I got was 1 Ye verse & Keef on the hook? Give me my money back! Oh. I didn’t pay for this. Quotable: Pussy had me floatin/ felt like Deepak Chopra/ pussy had me dead/ Michael 2Pac over.


This is starting to sound like Cole’s Sideline Story. The beats are the same. The lyrics are retarded as fuck though! If I listened to beats only I’d have deleted this already. Yo! Is that Buju Banton? Who is that? This jam just beasted out on itself! Another jam that sounds like it was written by Weezy. All he talks about is fucking some chick. I’m playing this again! Quotable: I’m a raplic priest getting head by the nuns/ they don’t play where I’m playin/ they don’t see what I’m sayin/ they be playin in the D leagues/ I be speakin Swahili!


At least the title has me excited. I expect some Billie Holiday on this. Yesssss! Strange Fruit sample from jump! Oh shit! Auto tune. This is 808s & Heartbreaks revisited with better raps instead of singing…spoke too soon…He’s singing. The beat is now on some rap shit but why is he singing? He’s talking about molly & a chick naked in the lobby. Why am I thinking about Kendrick’s Backseat Freestyle? This nigga misses Alexis! Oh shit! That’s what the beat is, that C-Murder Down For My Niggaz. I think Ye wants to piss me off intentionally. He isn’t rapping…Wait he is! He cries in auto tune at the end. This album needs massive amounts of liquor…like Montana amounts! Oh! This jam is about labels raping artists! Slaves!


I like Scott. So I’ve gotta like this. No? More auto tune. This is annoying but the screwed up voice makes me keep listening. At least he’s rapping. He just called himself Shabba Ranks & Biggie in two bars then calls himself Chief Rocka! Oh! The screwed voice is Popcaan’s Blocka hook! Scott sings. I could listen to this when I’m high as shit!


This is actually dope! This King Louie dude is siiiiiick! This I can fuck with. Ye’s verse is decent though he sounds like he wished he was crying. Beenie Man sings “Memories” at the end. This is short! Play it again. Quotable: Last night my bitches came in twos/ & they both sucked like they came to lose! 


Nice soul sample at the beginning. Vintage Kanye. No auto tune & he’s rapping. Quotable: One good girl is worth a thousand bitches. He’s talking about Jerome. Is that a subliminal to Trinidad James? This may be the intro to a “real” rap album from Ye.

Ok. This album has made me sad as shit. Yet happy. You have to be in a really dark place to appreciate this. This is a rapper trying to see how far he can push you away before you finally say “Fuck you Ye!” Lyrically ok, sonically depressing but really interesting coz I didn’t skip anything.

I like this coz I like pissing people off. One thing is that the sound is fucking depressing! Yet I listened to it twice. But I know why I like this, coz Kanye is out to piss the world off the same way the world pisses him off! No artwork. No video. No radio single. You were created unique so why spend all your life trying to be like everyone else! Fuck that!

Favorite Jams: All.  

Yeezus Back Cover



4 Responses to “Yeezus : Kanye West Album Review”

  1. love the album. by the way the carribean guy on “I’m in it” is Agent sasco aka assassin.. cant miss that voice. listen to on of his best tracks on this riddim –

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