Made In Kenya – Dan “Chizi” Aceda Album Review

The first time I met this chap I told him that he sucked for that weak shit he did alongside an all time great Eric Wainaina. He took it quite well & asked me to keep listening. He now has a new album. That man is Dan “Chizi” Aceda & the album is Made in Kenya.



I love the African feel to this. It’s too short though. Great intro.


Wololo! The lunje in me has been resurrected. This jam makes feel like mwanamberi bana! Mapeka inatingika! This would be great live. Suddenly I crave chicken wings dipped in tea! LMAO


I love this song. I would go as far as to say this is Dan’s best record after Soufflé. It reminds me of my ex. This is the kind of record if you played it for a woman she would have no choice but to take off her panties. This jam is better than AXE. It is only rivaled by Black Ice in the panty dropping department.


Soyo in dholuo means to put inside. This song’s title has taken my mind straight to the gutter. I like it. This is a song about a guy with a broken heart who wants doctor of love to get him the one he wants. It doesn’t catch my attention though.


The crown prince of Benga takes a trip to the Coast for this one. I like that by diversifying this album will introduce him to a variety audience. I don’t usually fucks with music from the coast so this isn’t exactly my favorite jam. Something about this jam makes me want to go for Blankets & Wine. *Calls Jamal Mohammed* Hahahaaa! Did Chizi just refer to girls as Vitz & 4&4s? LOL Me I can’t! I now love this jam.


I think this is Monica, the naija chick who won Project Fame in Naija. I’m not sure. This is a straight ballad. The two complement each other well but this is too Boyz II Men for me. The girls will love this one. I might play this after premature ejaculation though. It would calm the savage beast.


This jam sounds like a Coca Cola jingle. I think all African artists must make one of these in their album. This is actually the first boring jam on the album. I hope it’s the only one. Don’t be surprised if a mobile service provider picks this up for  their ad.

An E Yo

Walalalaaa! I love this from jump. This is my new favorite jam! It makes me want to be in love just listening to this. I also love that it’s in dholuo. Dan has outdone himself on this one! I want Dan to sing this while I romance the lovely Makosewe! Uwiiiiii!


I like the message in this. I live my life the same way. Forget about yesterday, you don’t know what’s coming tomorrow so live for today. Haiya! On the second verse it turns into a love song. This is that Sunday afternoon chill out music. Easy listening but nothing special.


This is very different. It’s a sound I have never heard from Chizi. I don’t know whether I like it. I don’t hate it. I am very indifferent on this one. The lyrics are cool though. The guitar towards the end makes me think of Sauti Sol.


It’s funny that the song that made me pissed at Dan when I  first met him was called “Wacha Waseme” which means let them talk. This is a great love song. It actually made me cry. I remember one of my exes used to be like this. She heard so many rumours & stories about me but she stayed with me for three years despite the bullshit. This is a fantastic song. Real people music.


What the hell does that mean? How else will we know Dan is a jaluo. This chick has a killer voice. This sounds like Christmas. Is this a Christmas jam. Fuck! I think it is. Having a very Mavuno moment right now! Skip!


So. Rabbit is really just gonna go by the name Kaka Sungura huh? The lyrics are dope. Dan’s voice is on point but the production is lame on this. Not a great way to end the album. Rabbit’s punchlines are weak as well. Ati DSTV so much more. No.

This is dope. The Dan Chizi Aceda I met those years back at Kenya Music week has really grown as an artist. This album has jams that will be on repeat for a minute. He has chosen his collaborators well. Except for Rabbit who just phoned in his verse. That was lame. Good stuff. I  would recommend that you buy this album. Can’t wait to hear “An E Yo” live! Hello Makosewe 🙂

Favorite jams: An E Yo, Safari (One & Only), Kakamega Express, Ready, Let Them Say, Wale Wale & Today.

This video makes me cry.



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    Yo I don’t know if I can just reply to this email but anyway, i like all you’re posts but am interested in why you haven’t posted your thoughts on chance the rapper’s mixtape “acid rap” if you haven’t listened to it I suggest you do, I loved it and think it’d be a great review

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