Church Threats Coz Of The Blog

“Fuck a blog dawg coz one day we gon meet/ I’ma spaz on that azz like I’m on E!”  –  Rick Ross 

I have always been a fun of prank calls. I have also never thought I would fall for one.  I also take a piss at old people & super sensitive people because I believe the world needs to lighten up & these two groups of people serve as Debbie Downers. 


Well, a quadruple of geniuses at my old work thought they would prank call me. They baited me well is all I can say. This was their final product.  Shout out to one of my favorite artists Fena Gitu aka Fena Menal for playing the old church lady. Shout out to Mike, Jeff & Sheila for setting me up. You can catch them on Homeboyz Radio’s drive show, Ignition. Enjoy.



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