Open Letter To Diana Nduba

If you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance – Talib Kweli

I love music. I love women. Combine the two & you have a recipe for Jeremy’s Kryptonite. In case you don’t know, Jeremy is Bella is Saliva is Vic. What those combobulated sentences mean is that I am Jeremy & I am a sucka for a woman who makes good music. This is not a love letter, nor is it the memoir of a groupie. This is simply a note of appreciation to you,  one of the most amazing singers of our time, Miss (though from my sources, you might soon be Mrs. Someone) Diana Mayonde Nduba.


I first heard of you, Dee, when I watched Just A Band’s Boxing Day special. Baby girl you have unmatched vocals. The beautiful Miss Karun was a candle in the sun vis-a-vis your majesty.

Then I heard that you were going to be performing at Blankets & Wine & I knew right away I couldn’t afford to miss it. The problem was that I was broke having been conned out of my funds by an unscrupulous real estate agent. However, my lovely girlfriend hooked me up so that I could watch you, Miss Nduba, on stage & it was the best one month anniversary present ever!

Dee again

Diana, were it not for artists like you who make real music for real people, I wouldn’t care for the lyrics, beats & performances that speak about my life. For this I want to thank you & urge you to keep making beautiful music. This is how your music moves me.


This one takes me away to Neverland. I am Peter Pan. The kid that never grew up & whenever I play this early in the morning when I come to work, the sun shines no matter the weather, I go back to the land of fairies & pirates (read gays & thieves). This song makes me know it will be a better day & I never give up no matter how shitty a project is.


The third date I had with the love of my life, I could swear I heard the stars sing this tune. It was magic how I chased her for a year plus & fell in love with her in 3 days. This remains my theme music everytime I go out with my girlfriend.


You performed this one at Blankets & Wine & immediately I wished I had played “Kalongo” with you. I know you can be mean at “Blada” how you were skipping & dancing on stage. You recreated my childhood with this one. It didn’t take much though coz I am still a child at heart. AMAZEBALLS!


This is my wedding song! When you get married please sing this for Mr. Man when you wed. I want you to perform this for mine when I get married. I already wrote a verse to replace Blink’s verse so no worries. Besides, I don’t think I can afford to pay him. The superstar he’s become.


Whoa! Where do I begin. If every Kenyan girl was this honest about their feelings there would be a lot less single women in these Nairobi streets. You sound amazing singing in Kiswahili. This song makes me want to be a better man. Fuck the bullshit, if I was still mentally unhinged I would think you were singing this for me.


What would your catalogue be without some real shit. This is how I roll through everyday, the haters can talk but their words though weapons can’t touch us. Not today, not ever.

Dee. Keep making beautiful music. Stay beautiful. Stay motivated. Your music makes this horrible world just a little bit more bearable. I look forward to watching you perform again.


Yours Sincerely,

Jeremy Odhiambo aka Saliva Vic aka Your Biggest Fan.



11 Responses to “Open Letter To Diana Nduba”

  1. Impressive.
    I need to see her live!

  2. wondefull!

  3. Simeon Mbai Says:

    Entertaining. Would love to view you live and experience what others have it must be fascinating.

  4. Martin Walper Says:

    Only truely the humble people can posses the ability to help others because they know what to offer.Humility does not seek reward whereas it finds it’s greatest joy in acts of love.

  5. I do not think so.

  6. awesome,just heard of diana

  7. just amazing

  8. *SIGH* My sentiments exactly.

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