King Remembered In Time : Big K.R.I.T Mixtape Review

If I’m not the hottest then hell must have frozen – Kendrick Lamar

Wow! I feel like I have been doing a review everyday mayne! I guess with so much good music, it’s only right that I share my thoughts. I like Big K.R.I.T, I have never listened to any of his past works in their entirety but I especially love the fact that he bodies every emcee he hops on a record with. You saw what he did on A$AP Rocky’s 1 Train that featured newbie heavyweights like Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$ & Action Bronson yo! Let’s see what this mixtape with the best cover ever has to offer.



The kid handles his own production like most newbies in the game right now (see Tyler The Creator, A$AP Rocky, Drake, J Cole etc) and the beat is nice yo! Very soulful. The loop reminds me of Pharcyde’s Passin Me By. He introduces himself & what drives him…the fuck? It’s over? Just under 2 minutes by 15 seconds. This is what women feel like when I hit them with this nice sized penis then prematurely ejaculate. Still nice.


Southern rappers must be admired for having each other’s backs. The vet from Port Arthur, Bun B has been tagged for assistance on this by the kid from Mississippi. Big K.R.I.T’s production is phenomenal. This sounds like vintage UGK meets OutKast! I also notice that K.R.I.T’s voice reminds me of Killer Mike but his flow is way more intricate. This song has nothing to do with chains, rings & bracelets! It’s about making it & owning the rap game. Is he sure he’s from the South? Bun B mentions his chains though. You can get seriously turn up to this. #TrippyLife


I hope this is some mind numbing gibberish as expected from most S.L.A.B type music. (S.L.A.B means Slow Loud And Banging). I’m wrong. K.R.I.T jumps off with a double time flow bragging about how dope he is, how much better than you he is & how he banged your girl. The beat knocks something serious! His country accent is nice on this. This is stripper music!


K.R.I.T has handled all the production on this mixtape. He’s done a hell of a better job than Cole World, trying to diversify the sound. This is trappy yet soulful at the same time. Once again he declares how much sicker than other emcees he is. This is the best jam so far. Quotable: “Got a old school let me swerve that/ in my own lane/ I make my own beats/ I write my own rhymes/ I quip my own grind/ I grip my own grain/ and that’s royalty!” Shotta!


I hope this has to do with the legendary rock group by the same name. I’m wrong. Again. Twice. This is the best song so far. The song is about dreams hence R.E.M, you know, Rapid Eye Movement. Like the James Blake looped sample says, “I don’t know about my dreams”. Indie rock fans like myself love the James Blake jam “The Wilhelm Scream”. Quotable: No pause is needed/ I swear I don’t feel niggaz. Play this three times & the second verse will ensure you never give up or give in!


This is turn up music for sure. I want to have a drink as this plays. But then the kid starts to preach against using the bottle as a means of escape. I love this kid coz as much as he is preaching against it; he’s real enough to say he’s not strong enough to put the bottle down. Real music for real people with real problems this is! Quotable: If you high I was hoping we could roll/ if you fiending for a drink let me pour/ if you ridin maybe we could go/ before they close, to the liquor store. This man is writing about my life mayne! He does offer hope that the right decisions will be made. Niiice!


Is this the obligatory song for bitches that every rapper must drop? Cody ChestnuTT on the hook sounds like a pimp. Finally I’m correct, it is a song for the bitches. I like to think of this as a pimp who sees himself as a king looking for a queen among these hoes. The second verse is the truth! This is nice. K.R.I.T manages to talk to the ladies while keeping it pimping, PIMPING!


This is a more straight up, no need to analyse shit, you know this is for the bitches type of record. I recognize the sample. My mama used to jam to this…what is it….fuck….I can’t remember it but it’s on the tip of my mind yo! I like the outro.


This features the poor man’s 2 Chainz aka Mr. I Be Killing Hooks, Future. Future doesn’t let me down. He sounds dope as fuck on the hook! The kid has a gift for hooking ratchet rap music. The production is stellar. K.R.I.T has a solid verse on this, can’t wait for the full version. Note: The way the two pronounce “Just last week” as “Jay Lay Wee” is funny as fuck!


Woop! Woop! My man Trinidad is on this one. I bet it’s gonna be insane. It jumps off with “My trunk pussy pop them hoes down the block!” This is real ratchet rap music! I love it already! Pimp C would have sounded great on this beat. Now, either K.R.I.T used one of his extremely weaker flows on this coz TJ sounds just as dope as him. Lyrically this song ain’t shit though.


The beat sounds hella country. The hook is maad southern “I got the hook up bitch/ what you know bout this/ old school my whip/ King Tut my wrist”! Nice to bang in the whip as you parking lot pimp with the fellaz. Hahahaaa! Sant says that his car is older than my favorite rapper. He also shouted out Big Tymers who coincidentally had an album called How You Luv That!


Is this about weed? I love the beat. It takes me back to the late 90s. This is a stunting record. This is dope. I want to hop into a car with my mates & some bad chicks, head to a club, crash the VIP then proceed to grab the wannabe superstars groupies. Wiz jabs his haters on his verse. DZA’s verse is forgettable, like a thoroughly drunken night!


This better be on some insane Scarface, Tony Montana, say hello to my little friend tip with that title yo! Whoa! He’s gone all Nas conscious rap shit on us talmbout stray bullets & the shooting of innocent bystanders when ignorant niggaz shoot before they aim. Banana clips are used on automatics which don’t stop firing till the clip is empty taking down anybody in the line of fire. I wish they were actual bananas then no one would die coz of these nigga moments.


Whoa! This one was produced by the god 9th Wonder. It must be good. The only record on King Remembered In Time that Big K.R.I.T didn’t produce man! Beat is nice as fuck! The message is real! Life is always a gamble whether you win or lose depending on the choices we make right? K.R.I.T compares the life & death to gambling brilliantly on this one.


The strings on this are nice, like some sad but happy violins. K.R.I.T gets on his spoken word steez for this as he preaches to the black men to rise above their situation. The kicks come in on the hook which is “What the fuck we gon do now.” The second verse is about a female still on his spoken word steez. Even in spoken word, dudes flow is undeniable! Yo! Why is he talking about getting someone else’s wife preggers? What part of the game is that K.R.I.T? Hit it & split!


Another song for the bitches? Wow! This one sounds a lot better than the other two though. The beat is nice & he talks to his love using the metaphor of an artist painting the vision he has for his loved one but the girl doesn’t like it. It’s a great song for a break up/ troubled relationship/ unrequited love/ or two lovers who don’t share the same vision. This is really good! The jam you play to guarantee her panties are moist for makeup sex! My favorite!


Reminds me of the famous Hov line “I promised my nigga B.I/ I’ll be multi before I die!” It sounds sad from the beginning. Isn’t this supposed to be a triumph K.R.I.T? It’s a shout out to his fam/ the fans/ everyone who helped him make it. Despite being utterly boring, this song’s lyrics & production are exemplary.

It’s a bit too long for my liking. There are songs he could have chosen not to have on this but still I’m impressed. If you like ratchet, there’s something for you here, if you like social commentary, there’s a lot for you here, if you love your ladies, K.R.I.T gave you three records guaranteed to help you tour that vagina with ease. Put simply, this mixtape is like a departmental store, something for everyone, Nakumatt, you need it, he’s got it.

This is real music for real people. Get the mixtape below. It’s FREE!

King Remembered In Time – Big K.R.I.T 

Favorite Jams: Purpose, King Without A Crown, R.E.M, Meditate, Serve This Royalty, Just Last Week, Only One, Banana Clip Theory, Life Is A Gamble & most of all Bigger Picture!



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