Indicud : Kid Cudi Album Review

When will the fantasy end/ Where does the heaven begin? – Kid Cudi

Before I go on another amazing adventure with Scott Mescudi aka Kid Cudi, I must say that I will be a bit biased since Cudder is one of my favorite artists in the world. I relate to Scott Mescudi, Bill Selanga, Kendrick Lamar & Tauheed Epps more than any other artist on this planet. I have also never anticipated an album like this since Good Kid M.a.a.D City by Kendrick Lamar. With that out of the way, let’s go in.

Kid Cudi - Indicud


I love that he went with his government for this one. Makes me believe this will be an honest album just like Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager which I love! This is just a sick beat with no rhymes. Wannabe emcees can use it for their lame freestyles or whatever. Wait….there’s a kid’s voice at the end saying, “Once you realize you can do anything, you’re free”! Wow!


First, I love the title, one of my favorite words! It begins with the same kid’s voice…Is this from a movie? Since this is the bootleg version I have no credits so fuck all if I know. The beat sounds like a movie, Scott might want to look at scoring a film after this. This is that dark Kid Cudi sound I love. This is how you feel at times after massive amounts of alkahol with a hot girl by your side shit talking at a mean party. The lyrics are cool “The world is filled with good vibes & that’s what I seek/ now I’m feeling more than cool”. If this song doesn’t make you feel good about life, kill yourself.


This was the first record I heard off Indicud & I loved it. The ultimate stoner’s anthem & the reason everyone believes Scott has relapsed back to his cocaina swag! Chip’s verse sets the mood. “Neighbours knockin on the door/ askin can we turn it down/ I say ain’t no music on/ she said no that weed is loud!” Cudi gets all introspective on his verse, when he says “ I had to ball for therapy my shrink don’t think that helps at all/ whatever/ that man ain’t wearin these leather pants/ I diagnose my damn self this damn pills ain’t workin fam!” I can’t help but smile. This is a record for everyone who feels sorry for themselves, it’s not that bad, God made you as odd as you are for a reason. Say it with me, “Fuck. Yes. I’m. Odd.”


What the hell? Did Cudder just get his priest to jump on a record? The fuck shit is Father John Misty? Sounds like a name you use when banging prostitutes. The guitar is loud on this, I can’t really make out what Scott’s saying. Father John Misty can sing, I think he’s saying Jesus Christ’d her? Yeah what? No it’s “Jesus Christ, girl!” This is Scott’s take on the obligatory song for the bitches that every rapper must have on album. I could fuck with this but I don’t see black girls taking off their panties to this, maybe the Caucasian broads, not the blacks.


The beat is insane! So far, Scott has produced every record on this album. That’s more than wack ass Dr. Dre did all his life! I love the message. Scott’s dedication to me. This is the attitude you need when getting through life, just do you & fuck what people say. Cudder let’s the world know that he’s back, if you overthink like myself, this could also be Scott announcing that he’s back on the drugs. Quotable: “I’m outta my mind like all the time/ and a nigga ain’t missed one step yet!” Reminds me of the girl Drake falling on stage!


This is my jam! Turn up music that I can relate to on an emotional level. If you love comics then you will love this. Whenever I’m depressed I imagine I’m an immortal super hero or super villain. It’s like once you get through the pain of life you’re rejuvenated & nothing can stop you! Quotable: “I got my lion heart & electric flowing through my brain/ shocking waves make me feel I can float!” Turn this up to ignorant levels the next time you feel like shit & regain your powers!


Scott tagged my newest favorite emcee for this one. Two honest dudes on the same record? Let’s see what’s good! The beat sounds like something from a Jefferson Airplane record. Trippy music. Someone call Ye quick, K-Dot just murdered Cudder on his own shit! This is worth another spin just for the lyrical gymnastics on display & the wordplay! Quotable: You wish me well/ I wish you hell/ Eternity/ No such thing as time will tell/ Infernary/ burn like magnetic combustion. (K-Dot must have been drunk when he wrote this, rappers be lying!)


Look who Cudder got out of the perverts retirement home…The man whose favorite word is bitch…the one who ran from the cops when drunk only to be caught in 5 seconds…It’s Too $hort. The name of the song should have been bitches. I think he’s singing for prostitutes. Wait…this is for every single man who wants to bang every girl breathing! Team mafisi just found it’s anthem. The second verse is another reason to believe Scott is back to using, no wonder this album’s so good! Too $hort says all the pretty girls call him Todd like he’s LL Cool J now. 88 Keys killed it on the beat.


Club banger? I could pop mollies, grab a glow stick & mosh with a white woman to this beat. No words. Just beats for one minute fifty three seconds. Once again I think Scott should score a movie.


The second joint on the album produced by someone other than Cudi. This is Hit Boy so I know it’s going to be wild but who the fuck is Haim yo? Wait. Haim is that band made up of 3 white sisters! Ok.  This sounds good. Chill out music this is for those of us tormented with thoughts, sounds & visions in our minds that make no sense. Sometimes you just need to turn up to turn them down. This is for the mentally disturbed. Love it though it’s more of Haim featuring Cudi.


The title reminds me of Nairobi heat. The beat is spacey. I like this. Just like Ghost & Soundtrack 2 My Life this is a jam that makes you accept who you are as an odd individual. I realize that regular folks won’t relate to this album, then again, to relate to Scott’s music requires a certain degree of madness. Check the hook: “People think I’m mad or on one/ won’t you tell them I’m mad solar/ all the things that bother me/ ain’t no other way I can be!” Fuck what everyone thinks, just shine on them.


The Abbot is on this & he isn’t producing! I hope he’s not just doing the hook like on Ye’s MBDTF! Oh shit! RZA is rapping mayne! Did the Abbot just say “slice your pie look like Subarus”? Ha! He actually says Sbarros, the pizza joint. Yo! This verse makes no sense but then RZA says he doesn’t write songs he writes sceneries. This jam is RZA ft Kid Cudi bana! Dope to hear the RZA again though, Wu-Tang forever! Love the hook, In God I trust I don’t give no fucks!


Yooooo! A$AP is on this so I’m excited. All this album is missing after Kendrick & A$AP is 2 Chainz & all my favorite rappers would be covered. Loving the production on this album, Scott makes it sound like I’m watching a scary movie. LOL Chip just said “It’s like working four jobs not to kill niggaz”! I instantly love this! It’s about fake friends vs real friends. A$AP bodies this! My favorite record on the album so far. Quotable: Shoes on the rari/ start to look like hooves/ pigs by the crib/ start to look like wolves. – A$AP Rocky.


Cudder is back on his rap shit & he lets the world know it on this. He stomps the haters & shit talks to those who thought the drugs would kill him or destroy his career. This is my jam! Truthfully the best revenge is success & if anyone ever put you down then play this loud. This one verse will give you all the drive you need!


Uh oh. Mr. Rager is back. Whoa! The lyrics are crazy. This is definitely another one for the mentally disturbed. Cudder actually sounds like two different rappers on both verses. Scott as usual thanks his fans & fellow demented peoples for being there for him through the dark days. No wonder I love this kid. Despite being sad, Scott is happy, “Sky might fall but I ain’t worried at all/ Got me some Xannies & a couple of Adderall!” Strictly for my ADHD niggaz this is.


The beat is incredibly light…almost sweet. It’s not as dark as the lyrics. I love the second verse, so obnoxious yo! This dude is writing the soundtrack to my life yo “I love how I can make so many people uneasy!” That’s me! Cudder’s rhymes helped this beat.


Cudder fished the retirement home & tagged Michael Bolton for this. I have never liked Michael Bolton so I’m confused about this one. The beat’s got my head nodding though. That Michael Bolton bit sounds hella gay. This jam is about picking up chicks for an after party at the crib but Bolton makes it sound like Weezy & Birdman picking up niggaz for a gay fest. SMDH. The beat is nice though. Girls will like this one. Wait…Hold up…this song is nine muthafuckin minutes long? What the? FFWD! The beat switches, everyone wants to be Kendrick. Unless you’re chiefing I wouldn’t recommend this.


Once again Kid Cudi should score a movie. This instrumental paints a vivid picture. Alone on a foggy night by the lake…looking out into the dark…imagined creatures lurking as you try to find your way home, then come the footsteps…auditory halluscinations…you’re running…the ground disappears under you…you’re falling…then you wake up. It’s a wrap!

I’m so glad Scott is rapping a lot more on this one. This is an album for tormented souls & so all the happy, gumball muthafuckaz, this isn’t for you. Scott has once again delivered a beautiful album & his production all through maintains the albums dark sound that beautifully contrasts his mostly bright lyrics. All that said, Kendrick, King Chip & A$AP murdered him on his own shit but I still love Scott! Stoners, loners, desperados press play but skip track 17.

This is truly the resurrection of Scott Mescudi. He is no longer a sad sack of shit.

Favorite jams: Unfuckwittable, Just Who I Am, King Wizard, Immortal, Beez, Solo Dolo Part II, Burn Baby Burn, Mad Solar & Red Eye.

May Scott live forever to keep writing the soundtrack to my life.



3 Responses to “Indicud : Kid Cudi Album Review”

  1. Whoa this review was entertaining. Too many reviews talk about cultural context and history and shit. I’m like , so what does the record sound like? I like this one.

    • Saliva Vic Says:

      Cheers mate! I feel the same way. It’s about how the music makes you feel bro! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. […] miss.  I think Man On The Moon, was a much more solid album than this one. Read a full review on AlkaholiK KronikleZ. Recommended Tracks: Young Lady feat. Father John Misty, Immortal, Cold […]

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