Wolf : Tyler The Creator Album Review

I want the black kids to like me for this one – Tyler The Creator

When my man sent me this album I was afraid to bump it. Let me explain. I have always supported Tyler The Creator but after Goblin I was disappointed. Odd Future still held a special place in my heart due to their quest to be different. I mean they have a gay member in Frank Ocean despite their homophobic lyrics. However when I hit play on this I was pleasantly surprised. Peep this. I love the cover.

Tyler The Creator - Wolf


The piano on this is nice. Tyler of course handles his own production & I’m not mad at this. He just says “Fuck you” apparently coz I’m a fag. The screwed voice introduces Sam to Wolf. These are just two more of Tyler’s alter egos I guess. Dude needs a shrink.


This beat is bananas! His wordplay is incredible. Tyler just flexes his lyrical muscles on this one. Quotable“My balls, balls deep in his broad’s jaws/ swallow girl it’s just nut!” Hodgy sounds like a sober Lil Wayne on this. His verse is kind of a downer though, I swear I heard the beat slow down yo!


The beat is dark on this one. Darker than usual. The lyrics are pointless then he goes into how life isn’t any better even though he’s made shitloads of money. I like the second verse where he talks about how thoughts can make you crazy when you’re lonely. I can relate. Quotable: But I’m about as lonely as crackers that supermodels eat. Wow! Hahahaaa! Dude said “Darker than that fucking closet that nigga Frankie was hiding in.” Tyler acting like he didn’t know Frank Ocean was gay.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this beat. It’s that take me back to my teens falling in love for the first time type shit. Tyler talks about the awkward feeling when you first kiss a crush & how sprung you get. This is my favorite song so far. When he says “rub on my hairs” I miss how my girlfriend rubs on my pubic hairs. I digress. This is a great song, even the bit where he pulls a Drake & starts singing at the end. I’m listening to it again! Quotable: Now treat my palms like a bowling ball, grip & keep holding on.


Yo! Tyler goes apeshit on this one. The beat is nails & his voice obliterates it! I love this! He says the sickest shit on this! Like he and Justin are smoking weed thinking of buying guns to murder One Direction. I love Harry Styles by the way. The video is as nuts as the tune too, peep it below. Quotable: “You think I give a fuck, I ain’t even stick my dick in yet. No homo. Too soon.”


The beat is sad like something Pharrell would make for NERD. Tyler gets all emo on this one. He talks about calling his father. I learn that he’s Nigerian on this when he says “You Nigerian fuck, now I’m stuck with this shitty facial hair.” His government name is Okonma, LMAO, he says he’ll change it to Haley. How gay. I like this.


Oh great, gay ass Frankie is on this one. He keeps reminding us that he ate a roach & became a rich star. I think deep inside he likes being rich. This song is very uninteresting. Frank sounds wacker than usual on this. The beat is cool though.


Oh my God! Is that Nas talking about crack fucking people up? Wow where is this going? I think this song is about drugs. Yeah. It’s about drugs, he personifies a drug dealer who has an attack of conscience. This is pretty cool.


It kicks off with Tyler calling his fans who want to take pictures, fags. He sounds as if he hates the fame. Isn’t this the same dude who has a TV Show right now? Anyway, he flips from hating the fans to personifying a Stan. This is insane. I like it. In the end he goes back to the beginning where the fags wanted a picture. Worth a couple of more spins this one.


Okay. Everyone wants to be Kendrick Lamar. He has three songs in one. Party isn’t over is just Tyler repeating the hook, no bars. Campfire has the most boring beat. Sounds like a leftover from Goblin. It features a chick called Laeticia Sadler. Boooooring! Bimmer is quite good, I like the beat & the bars are dope. Frank Ocean does BGVs on this sounding super gay!


What kind of title is this? It’s another crazy ass love song. Sam believes that Wolf has taken away Salem, Sam’s girlfriend. If you have ever lost a woman then you’ll relate to this like I am. Pharrell sings the best way he knows how, poorly. Quotable: This isn’t a song I just happen to rhyme when I get emo & find time to write facts.


Tyler The Creator explains how Samuel came to be. It seems as though Sam is the chaotic side of him which is strange coz I thought Wolf was the bad ass. What does this have to do with Pigs though? Quotable : I’ve got 99 problems & all of them’s being happy. Not bad.


I have no clue what this song is about. Casey Veggies sounds good. Tyler’s flow is insane though. He’s still making fun of B.o.B lol! In the end Wolf is warned that Sam wants to kill him for hanging out with Salem. The skits remind me that this is a concept album.


This sounds like old school gangsta rap. Like some shit Ice Cube would have rhymed over. Domo Genesis goes in hard reminding us that OFWGKTA is alive & killing the game. Quotable: Bitches getting touchy feely like they reading Braille. Earl comes in toward the end sounding as disturbed as ever, Sam shoots him while looking for Wolf.


Everyone & their mother on this. These kids are the new school Wu-Tang. This sounds really good actually but gets boring fast! I can’t be mad at the beat though. Skip worthy this is.


Whoa! This is that coffee house, grab a poetry book & wear a leso as a headwrap type shit. Now that Jay Electronica has broken Badu’s heart, Tyler may wanna look into hitting that. She likes Africans right? How gay is this shit? Dude doesn’t even rap on this.


This reminds me of the dancehall record. Tyler goes back to the old foul mouthed kid who recorded Bastard. He flows effortlessly on this. I like it.


The shrink is back to talk to Wolf. Quotable: My squad bring terror no intended pun. That was clever. The beat sounds like something Erykah Badu might sing over. Tyler shows his softer side talking about his grandmother passing from cancer. The album ends with Wolf saying he would kill Sam.

If you’re looking for introspective, deep, conscious lyrics, you won’t find them here. Tyler is just a kid having fun from selling his brand of madness to the world & making him a millionaire at the age of twenty. The beats are awesome though at times it gets monotonous having entirely been produced by Tyler. With that said, it’s still an incredible album if you just want to have fun & enjoy intricate flows with no substance plus linking the stories from Bastard to Goblin to Wolf should be fun!

Favorite jams: Awkward, Answer, Domo 23, 48, Collosus, Tamale, Cowboy, IFHY, Rusty & Jamba.



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