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Church Threats Coz Of The Blog

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“Fuck a blog dawg coz one day we gon meet/ I’ma spaz on that azz like I’m on E!”  –  Rick Ross 

I have always been a fun of prank calls. I have also never thought I would fall for one.  I also take a piss at old people & super sensitive people because I believe the world needs to lighten up & these two groups of people serve as Debbie Downers. 


Well, a quadruple of geniuses at my old work thought they would prank call me. They baited me well is all I can say. This was their final product.  Shout out to one of my favorite artists Fena Gitu aka Fena Menal for playing the old church lady. Shout out to Mike, Jeff & Sheila for setting me up. You can catch them on Homeboyz Radio’s drive show, Ignition. Enjoy.



Open Letter To Diana Nduba

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If you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance – Talib Kweli

I love music. I love women. Combine the two & you have a recipe for Jeremy’s Kryptonite. In case you don’t know, Jeremy is Bella is Saliva is Vic. What those combobulated sentences mean is that I am Jeremy & I am a sucka for a woman who makes good music. This is not a love letter, nor is it the memoir of a groupie. This is simply a note of appreciation to you,  one of the most amazing singers of our time, Miss (though from my sources, you might soon be Mrs. Someone) Diana Mayonde Nduba.


I first heard of you, Dee, when I watched Just A Band’s Boxing Day special. Baby girl you have unmatched vocals. The beautiful Miss Karun was a candle in the sun vis-a-vis your majesty.

Then I heard that you were going to be performing at Blankets & Wine & I knew right away I couldn’t afford to miss it. The problem was that I was broke having been conned out of my funds by an unscrupulous real estate agent. However, my lovely girlfriend hooked me up so that I could watch you, Miss Nduba, on stage & it was the best one month anniversary present ever!

Dee again

Diana, were it not for artists like you who make real music for real people, I wouldn’t care for the lyrics, beats & performances that speak about my life. For this I want to thank you & urge you to keep making beautiful music. This is how your music moves me.


This one takes me away to Neverland. I am Peter Pan. The kid that never grew up & whenever I play this early in the morning when I come to work, the sun shines no matter the weather, I go back to the land of fairies & pirates (read gays & thieves). This song makes me know it will be a better day & I never give up no matter how shitty a project is.


The third date I had with the love of my life, I could swear I heard the stars sing this tune. It was magic how I chased her for a year plus & fell in love with her in 3 days. This remains my theme music everytime I go out with my girlfriend.


You performed this one at Blankets & Wine & immediately I wished I had played “Kalongo” with you. I know you can be mean at “Blada” how you were skipping & dancing on stage. You recreated my childhood with this one. It didn’t take much though coz I am still a child at heart. AMAZEBALLS!


This is my wedding song! When you get married please sing this for Mr. Man when you wed. I want you to perform this for mine when I get married. I already wrote a verse to replace Blink’s verse so no worries. Besides, I don’t think I can afford to pay him. The superstar he’s become.


Whoa! Where do I begin. If every Kenyan girl was this honest about their feelings there would be a lot less single women in these Nairobi streets. You sound amazing singing in Kiswahili. This song makes me want to be a better man. Fuck the bullshit, if I was still mentally unhinged I would think you were singing this for me.


What would your catalogue be without some real shit. This is how I roll through everyday, the haters can talk but their words though weapons can’t touch us. Not today, not ever.

Dee. Keep making beautiful music. Stay beautiful. Stay motivated. Your music makes this horrible world just a little bit more bearable. I look forward to watching you perform again.


Yours Sincerely,

Jeremy Odhiambo aka Saliva Vic aka Your Biggest Fan.


Starvation II : Ace Hood Mixtape Review (Laaaaaate)

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Money is the root of all evil but that’s that shit that keeps me focused – Ace Hood.

Usually I don’t do this but there’s an exception to every rule. Let me explain. When an artist drops an album, song or mixtape, I like to review it when it’s fresh out the kitchen. However at times, a joint that I didn’t pay any mind to grabs my attention like Trinidad Jame$ did & now Ace Hood sparked my interest when I listened to a record called “Have Mercy” that made me go like, “Who the? What the? How the?”

I immediately headed to Dat Piff & copped Starvation 2, the mixtape he dropped at the beginning of the year. “Have Mercy” will be on his next album Trials & Tribulations though.

Starvation 2

I am so glad I woke up coz I’ve been sleeping on Ace Hood. Here’s a look is what I discovered.


At first I think I’m listening to Chief Keef coz of the signature “Young Chop on the beat” intro. Ace is asking why the devil keeps fucking with him & his pockets are full of dead people. I immediately love this. Hood morphs into Chief Keef for one line & Big Sean for another while sounding hungrier than ever. Great intro, clearly I’m in store for some real nigga, ratchet yet Godly bars from the kid.


I love the beat in an instant. That shit you just ride to on the way to the club. The arrogance is sick, Ace kicks off spitting, “Lord have mercy all I wanted was a bimmer/ had no pot to piss in now I’m living thanking Jesus!” The bars stay dumb on this one, it just makes me happy. Ace says “Millionaire nigga I got diamonds on my dick” then Meek does one better saying “I tell a bitch take a deep breath/ and bend her knee like a free throw”. This is what ratchet rap’s all about. Having fun!

Sidebar: Ace’s prayers are so different from Kendrick’s.


I haven’t heard Plies on a record I like so I’m super excited about this one. The 808s knock something serious. This is more ratchet rap about diamonds, strippers, cars & liquor! I love it! Definitely turn up music. The bars are quite good. The thing about Ace is that as much as the song is just boasting he drops some funny punch lines like “Ballin like a bitch I made the ESPN news” or “Keep a Mr. Fix It, that’s who keep the tool”.  Plies still shouting at crackaz! Glad he delivers on this, check this> Quotable: “I was in the trap/ cracka kicked the door/ I was in the room/ I was beatin a hoe/ cracka ask me/ nigga where the snow/ told him prolly in Alaska/ cracka where it snows/” POW!


This one features the dude who sounds drunk all the time. He better be singing the hook. French bodies hooks with that slur. Yep! He’s on the hook. Another joint about stunting! Whoa! Ace Hood really must have been starving…The verse kicks off like a prayer that turns into how hard he’s balling. French sounds extra drunk. I don’t think he has a verse on this. Good. Not bad.


This reminds me of Chief Keef coz of Young Chop’s production. The title reminds me of 2Pac. He had a jam called “Fuck The World”. Is Ace gonna get all conscious right now? Let’s see. It starts as a prayer where he asks God to never allow them to die broke. Yes. This is a bit conscious. He attacks the government & all the evil in the world from his own loss to mass murders. This is the realest shit he ever wrote,  Ace telling us not to complain over little shit, to have hope & to get out & do something. Quotable: When you’re broke there’s nobody there not even your friends.

Sidebar: Ace Hood was blessed with twin daughters Lyric & Sailor. Lyric died shortly after birth due to heart complications & shit.


Ace gets into his storytelling mode. Dude is sounding like a 2Pac with better flows on the last two records. It’s the story of a young cat who wants to help his mother out of the struggle so he starts selling product & joins a gang. Keeping it simple, Ace takes you through the entry, the come up closing at the tragic end of Lil Nigga caught in the trap. Well done. No Tyga.


This is produced by LV. Could it be the same fat LV who sang that Coolio “Gangsta’s Paradise” hook? Hmmm…Ace asks a shitload of questions on this one, being all introspective on this. He even asked a question about me, “I wonder why these people out here sleeping on me”.  I love this. I like it when a ratchet rapper gets mad real mad quick! Quotable: “Truth told/ my savings is seven o’s/ but who knows I’d rather die with a rich soul?”  


This sounds like a song that could be played on the radio. This is basically a victory lap for making it in the game & being able to take care of his family.  The way Ace spits it’s hard to believe he’s been in the rap game for four years! He sound so hungry, like it’s his first deal! Plus dude can sing, not amazingly but not shittily either.


Another Young Chop beat. Clearly Young Chop is the new Lex Luger. Remember him? He came to the game riding on the wings of a ratchet rapper by the name of Waka Flocka Flame just like Chop came on the wings of Chief Keef. Who the fuck is Choo Choo? The only Choo Choo I know is Kenya 7s rugby star Collins Injera aptly named so coz of his prowess on the pitch.  Back to songs about money, MOB stands for Money Over Bitches…should have featured Chief Keef, he never has women in his video, I’m sure he’d relate. This is a bit boring.


I just know I’m going to love this one. Look at the title for Pete’s sake! The beat reminds me of a song I can’t place my finger on. This is ratchet rap at its best! “I’ma take yo girl/ I’ma fuck that bitch!” I can just see the strippers popping ass to this!  Turn up & play this at ignorant levels in the vicinity of some dimes rolling with insecure niggaz. Quotable: Love a bad bitch I’m a head junkie!


Another victory lap record from Mr. Hood. This also sounds like it could get radio play. I love the hook, he sings again. This is the kind of record you play at ignorant levels when you just made some serious bank….or every end of the month when you get your peanuts for a month’s slavery at the plantation. Quotable: Save money don’t save hoes/ you niggaz so lifeguard!


Ha! Ace drops a song for the socialites. This is about all the girls who get star struck & want to be famous willing to do anything to be among celebrities.  Real music for real people with real problems. Nice. Play this record for the next broad posting semi-nude pics on the instagram & every other one of her pics has a celeb in it.


I like the beat. Sounds like vintage Neptunes. Ace is back to questioning life & it’s mysteries. He flips it & talks about a black girl lost looking for love. Then he flips it again & talks about how his mama gave him life lessons then flips back to the lost girl. Quotable: “Mama told me hard head make a soft ass/ dollar bills make her pole dance. “ I like how he says “I’m living to become a part of history.”


Jahlil Beats delivered a dope beat for this. This is about skeezers & stunts, the women who fuck to get what they want. Kevin sings it well, “My motive is your honey/ your motive is the money/ so now we’re together but it won’t last forever”.  This Kevin Cossom chap sounds like the poor man’s The Weeknd. Word on the street is that Ace wants to tag Kendrick Lamar for a second version of this to be on Trials & Tribulations. Win!


This starts with this line that makes me LOL, “A family that starve together, hustle together, get rich together.” I like it. Ace Hood looks at how far he’s come & then proceeds to let you know that his life is better than yours.  Quotable: “Ballin my religion/ pistol my supervision/ flooding my Jesus pieces/ sorry I’m superstitious/ we them niggaz who trendin/ foreign whips never rented.” This song is proof that God doesn’t want you to be broke!


The beat is a soul sample. Ace wants to rhyme over a looped sample? This is beautiful. I like this. He takes shots at me, “People sleepin on me/ fuck you & yo standards” Ha! Ace just has fun with this one but I love it! I hope Ace gets paid for saying he’s drinking Ciroc coz otherwise I must question his choice in vodka. That Ciroc tastes horrible!


The light skin nigga who sounds drunk makes another appearance on the tape.  He must have a verse on this one. I hope not. Another beautiful soul sample on this. The beat is a beast! French goes in with his weakest Future impression. Hungry Ace is back talking about working hard to make that dollar. French’s hook is cool save for trying to sound like Future.


Is there a movie coming up after? See what I did? Okay that was lame. Ace reminds everyone that he’s a real nigga from the trap. This was supposed to serve as a teaser to the mixtape. Meh.


Is that DJ Khaled? Oh yeah. Khaled is Ace’s boss at We The Best, his label. This sounds like it should be an intro. He’s right when he says that 90% of the game stole Ace Hood’s flow. This is true, after “Hustle Hard”, a gang of niggaz was rapping with that flow. Hood’s bars on this are cold. Antarctica. Quotable: “All you niggaz sleepin meet the cemetery!”  

The tape ends there but there’s a bonus cut from a kid called Nino Brown. Let’s have a look.


This is turn up music. Nino Brown is nothing special. French’s verse is ratchet. Nice. 100 chains on his stomach? LOL. Yo Gotti says “4 words/ Bitch I’m trying to come up”! What? Then he transforms into Rick Ross. Ace Hood bodies this joint! All the verses should be deleted but Hood’s verse.

I won’t lie, before I listened to “Have Mercy” I never cared for Ace Hood but clearly he is one of the most underrated rappers in the game. He has the flows, punchlines, cold bars & hunger that makes him better than most of the big name rappers outchea. What I like is that he got in touch with his real side as well. A great mixtape for anyone on the come up with great ambition.

If the upcoming “Trials & Tribulations” follows this path which can be expected from the singles, “Bugatti” & “Have Mercy”, I can’t wait to cop that shit.



*New* 5 Untrue myths about #KOT men

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Hahahaaa! This is so true for most of the Kenyan ninjas on the twitter!

King Remembered In Time : Big K.R.I.T Mixtape Review

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If I’m not the hottest then hell must have frozen – Kendrick Lamar

Wow! I feel like I have been doing a review everyday mayne! I guess with so much good music, it’s only right that I share my thoughts. I like Big K.R.I.T, I have never listened to any of his past works in their entirety but I especially love the fact that he bodies every emcee he hops on a record with. You saw what he did on A$AP Rocky’s 1 Train that featured newbie heavyweights like Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$ & Action Bronson yo! Let’s see what this mixtape with the best cover ever has to offer.



The kid handles his own production like most newbies in the game right now (see Tyler The Creator, A$AP Rocky, Drake, J Cole etc) and the beat is nice yo! Very soulful. The loop reminds me of Pharcyde’s Passin Me By. He introduces himself & what drives him…the fuck? It’s over? Just under 2 minutes by 15 seconds. This is what women feel like when I hit them with this nice sized penis then prematurely ejaculate. Still nice.


Southern rappers must be admired for having each other’s backs. The vet from Port Arthur, Bun B has been tagged for assistance on this by the kid from Mississippi. Big K.R.I.T’s production is phenomenal. This sounds like vintage UGK meets OutKast! I also notice that K.R.I.T’s voice reminds me of Killer Mike but his flow is way more intricate. This song has nothing to do with chains, rings & bracelets! It’s about making it & owning the rap game. Is he sure he’s from the South? Bun B mentions his chains though. You can get seriously turn up to this. #TrippyLife


I hope this is some mind numbing gibberish as expected from most S.L.A.B type music. (S.L.A.B means Slow Loud And Banging). I’m wrong. K.R.I.T jumps off with a double time flow bragging about how dope he is, how much better than you he is & how he banged your girl. The beat knocks something serious! His country accent is nice on this. This is stripper music!


K.R.I.T has handled all the production on this mixtape. He’s done a hell of a better job than Cole World, trying to diversify the sound. This is trappy yet soulful at the same time. Once again he declares how much sicker than other emcees he is. This is the best jam so far. Quotable: “Got a old school let me swerve that/ in my own lane/ I make my own beats/ I write my own rhymes/ I quip my own grind/ I grip my own grain/ and that’s royalty!” Shotta!


I hope this has to do with the legendary rock group by the same name. I’m wrong. Again. Twice. This is the best song so far. The song is about dreams hence R.E.M, you know, Rapid Eye Movement. Like the James Blake looped sample says, “I don’t know about my dreams”. Indie rock fans like myself love the James Blake jam “The Wilhelm Scream”. Quotable: No pause is needed/ I swear I don’t feel niggaz. Play this three times & the second verse will ensure you never give up or give in!


This is turn up music for sure. I want to have a drink as this plays. But then the kid starts to preach against using the bottle as a means of escape. I love this kid coz as much as he is preaching against it; he’s real enough to say he’s not strong enough to put the bottle down. Real music for real people with real problems this is! Quotable: If you high I was hoping we could roll/ if you fiending for a drink let me pour/ if you ridin maybe we could go/ before they close, to the liquor store. This man is writing about my life mayne! He does offer hope that the right decisions will be made. Niiice!


Is this the obligatory song for bitches that every rapper must drop? Cody ChestnuTT on the hook sounds like a pimp. Finally I’m correct, it is a song for the bitches. I like to think of this as a pimp who sees himself as a king looking for a queen among these hoes. The second verse is the truth! This is nice. K.R.I.T manages to talk to the ladies while keeping it pimping, PIMPING!


This is a more straight up, no need to analyse shit, you know this is for the bitches type of record. I recognize the sample. My mama used to jam to this…what is it….fuck….I can’t remember it but it’s on the tip of my mind yo! I like the outro.


This features the poor man’s 2 Chainz aka Mr. I Be Killing Hooks, Future. Future doesn’t let me down. He sounds dope as fuck on the hook! The kid has a gift for hooking ratchet rap music. The production is stellar. K.R.I.T has a solid verse on this, can’t wait for the full version. Note: The way the two pronounce “Just last week” as “Jay Lay Wee” is funny as fuck!


Woop! Woop! My man Trinidad is on this one. I bet it’s gonna be insane. It jumps off with “My trunk pussy pop them hoes down the block!” This is real ratchet rap music! I love it already! Pimp C would have sounded great on this beat. Now, either K.R.I.T used one of his extremely weaker flows on this coz TJ sounds just as dope as him. Lyrically this song ain’t shit though.


The beat sounds hella country. The hook is maad southern “I got the hook up bitch/ what you know bout this/ old school my whip/ King Tut my wrist”! Nice to bang in the whip as you parking lot pimp with the fellaz. Hahahaaa! Sant says that his car is older than my favorite rapper. He also shouted out Big Tymers who coincidentally had an album called How You Luv That!


Is this about weed? I love the beat. It takes me back to the late 90s. This is a stunting record. This is dope. I want to hop into a car with my mates & some bad chicks, head to a club, crash the VIP then proceed to grab the wannabe superstars groupies. Wiz jabs his haters on his verse. DZA’s verse is forgettable, like a thoroughly drunken night!


This better be on some insane Scarface, Tony Montana, say hello to my little friend tip with that title yo! Whoa! He’s gone all Nas conscious rap shit on us talmbout stray bullets & the shooting of innocent bystanders when ignorant niggaz shoot before they aim. Banana clips are used on automatics which don’t stop firing till the clip is empty taking down anybody in the line of fire. I wish they were actual bananas then no one would die coz of these nigga moments.


Whoa! This one was produced by the god 9th Wonder. It must be good. The only record on King Remembered In Time that Big K.R.I.T didn’t produce man! Beat is nice as fuck! The message is real! Life is always a gamble whether you win or lose depending on the choices we make right? K.R.I.T compares the life & death to gambling brilliantly on this one.


The strings on this are nice, like some sad but happy violins. K.R.I.T gets on his spoken word steez for this as he preaches to the black men to rise above their situation. The kicks come in on the hook which is “What the fuck we gon do now.” The second verse is about a female still on his spoken word steez. Even in spoken word, dudes flow is undeniable! Yo! Why is he talking about getting someone else’s wife preggers? What part of the game is that K.R.I.T? Hit it & split!


Another song for the bitches? Wow! This one sounds a lot better than the other two though. The beat is nice & he talks to his love using the metaphor of an artist painting the vision he has for his loved one but the girl doesn’t like it. It’s a great song for a break up/ troubled relationship/ unrequited love/ or two lovers who don’t share the same vision. This is really good! The jam you play to guarantee her panties are moist for makeup sex! My favorite!


Reminds me of the famous Hov line “I promised my nigga B.I/ I’ll be multi before I die!” It sounds sad from the beginning. Isn’t this supposed to be a triumph K.R.I.T? It’s a shout out to his fam/ the fans/ everyone who helped him make it. Despite being utterly boring, this song’s lyrics & production are exemplary.

It’s a bit too long for my liking. There are songs he could have chosen not to have on this but still I’m impressed. If you like ratchet, there’s something for you here, if you like social commentary, there’s a lot for you here, if you love your ladies, K.R.I.T gave you three records guaranteed to help you tour that vagina with ease. Put simply, this mixtape is like a departmental store, something for everyone, Nakumatt, you need it, he’s got it.

This is real music for real people. Get the mixtape below. It’s FREE!

King Remembered In Time – Big K.R.I.T 

Favorite Jams: Purpose, King Without A Crown, R.E.M, Meditate, Serve This Royalty, Just Last Week, Only One, Banana Clip Theory, Life Is A Gamble & most of all Bigger Picture!


Open Letter : Jay – Z Song Review (The Ruler’s Back)

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“Do you listen to music or do you just skim through it” – Hov aka Jay – Z aka God Emcee.

As I left work yesterday after spending the better part of my morning listening to Kid Cudi’s Indicud rather than slaving away I saw a tweet that said Jay – Z was dropping a new song in a few hours. At first I thought this was 1998 all over again. I got excited about the new Jigga joint like I was 17 again, smoking cigarettes in the pit latrine outside my dormitory in high school.


Then the jam dropped & I listened to it over some cheap brandy & the immediate thought was, “Damn! Did Nas ghostwrite this shit for Hova?” Then I remembered that Hov can ghostwrite for Nas & never vice versa. I digress. My point is that the jam “Open Letter” content is mad political with Hov going hard at his new found critics, the republicans who slammed him for his recent trip to Cuba.

If you don’t know, back in the 60s the US imposed an embargo in Cuba that means that no trade should go down between Uncle Sam (including his citizens) & Cuba. Hov & Bey travelling to Cuba & spending their crazy dollars violates this. That aside, I love that Hov is unapologetic on the record, destroying his foes just as he does emcees in battle.


However, I don’t care about the politics, I care about the music. I love what Swizzy & Timbo did with the beat considering that these two aging producers have been dropping shit beats in the past year or so. Tim must have handled most of the production though while Swizz yelled his ass off adlibbing & shit. They both redeemed themselves.


Hova’s flow is flawless as it usually is, riding the beat & not switching it up from beginning to end. With any other rapper it would get monotonous but not with the god emcee! To borrow from Slick Rick like Hov once did, “The driver of the mission is a pro!” Lyrically I love the word play, “Open Letter” has numerous quotables such as;

“You get too much bread/ they try to jam you” Get it? Bread (mulla) Jam (block)?

“I might buy a kilo for Chief Keef” Get it? Keef is 17, Hov buying a key for 17K?

“Got an onion from Universal/ read it & weep” POW!

“This communist talk is so confusing/ when it’s from China the very mic that I’m using” POW!

“Idiot wind/ the Bob Dylan of rap music” This one only classic rock heads can catch. Epic reference Hov!

“The new role model/ fuck the Zoolander shit!” You’ve watched the movie Zoolander right?

With that said, I love that Hov has brought attention back to real hip hop, I’m talking bars & beats while at the same time sparked conversation on the US embargo on Cuba & why it hasn’t worked in 40 some odd years! One thing though, I’d love to hear a third verse added to this, guest starring….the little homey Nas of course. That would be epic yo!


Meanwhile…..guess who dropped a new video? Your boy Chief Keef! Enjoy.


Indicud : Kid Cudi Album Review

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When will the fantasy end/ Where does the heaven begin? – Kid Cudi

Before I go on another amazing adventure with Scott Mescudi aka Kid Cudi, I must say that I will be a bit biased since Cudder is one of my favorite artists in the world. I relate to Scott Mescudi, Bill Selanga, Kendrick Lamar & Tauheed Epps more than any other artist on this planet. I have also never anticipated an album like this since Good Kid M.a.a.D City by Kendrick Lamar. With that out of the way, let’s go in.

Kid Cudi - Indicud


I love that he went with his government for this one. Makes me believe this will be an honest album just like Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager which I love! This is just a sick beat with no rhymes. Wannabe emcees can use it for their lame freestyles or whatever. Wait….there’s a kid’s voice at the end saying, “Once you realize you can do anything, you’re free”! Wow!


First, I love the title, one of my favorite words! It begins with the same kid’s voice…Is this from a movie? Since this is the bootleg version I have no credits so fuck all if I know. The beat sounds like a movie, Scott might want to look at scoring a film after this. This is that dark Kid Cudi sound I love. This is how you feel at times after massive amounts of alkahol with a hot girl by your side shit talking at a mean party. The lyrics are cool “The world is filled with good vibes & that’s what I seek/ now I’m feeling more than cool”. If this song doesn’t make you feel good about life, kill yourself.


This was the first record I heard off Indicud & I loved it. The ultimate stoner’s anthem & the reason everyone believes Scott has relapsed back to his cocaina swag! Chip’s verse sets the mood. “Neighbours knockin on the door/ askin can we turn it down/ I say ain’t no music on/ she said no that weed is loud!” Cudi gets all introspective on his verse, when he says “ I had to ball for therapy my shrink don’t think that helps at all/ whatever/ that man ain’t wearin these leather pants/ I diagnose my damn self this damn pills ain’t workin fam!” I can’t help but smile. This is a record for everyone who feels sorry for themselves, it’s not that bad, God made you as odd as you are for a reason. Say it with me, “Fuck. Yes. I’m. Odd.”


What the hell? Did Cudder just get his priest to jump on a record? The fuck shit is Father John Misty? Sounds like a name you use when banging prostitutes. The guitar is loud on this, I can’t really make out what Scott’s saying. Father John Misty can sing, I think he’s saying Jesus Christ’d her? Yeah what? No it’s “Jesus Christ, girl!” This is Scott’s take on the obligatory song for the bitches that every rapper must have on album. I could fuck with this but I don’t see black girls taking off their panties to this, maybe the Caucasian broads, not the blacks.


The beat is insane! So far, Scott has produced every record on this album. That’s more than wack ass Dr. Dre did all his life! I love the message. Scott’s dedication to me. This is the attitude you need when getting through life, just do you & fuck what people say. Cudder let’s the world know that he’s back, if you overthink like myself, this could also be Scott announcing that he’s back on the drugs. Quotable: “I’m outta my mind like all the time/ and a nigga ain’t missed one step yet!” Reminds me of the girl Drake falling on stage!


This is my jam! Turn up music that I can relate to on an emotional level. If you love comics then you will love this. Whenever I’m depressed I imagine I’m an immortal super hero or super villain. It’s like once you get through the pain of life you’re rejuvenated & nothing can stop you! Quotable: “I got my lion heart & electric flowing through my brain/ shocking waves make me feel I can float!” Turn this up to ignorant levels the next time you feel like shit & regain your powers!


Scott tagged my newest favorite emcee for this one. Two honest dudes on the same record? Let’s see what’s good! The beat sounds like something from a Jefferson Airplane record. Trippy music. Someone call Ye quick, K-Dot just murdered Cudder on his own shit! This is worth another spin just for the lyrical gymnastics on display & the wordplay! Quotable: You wish me well/ I wish you hell/ Eternity/ No such thing as time will tell/ Infernary/ burn like magnetic combustion. (K-Dot must have been drunk when he wrote this, rappers be lying!)


Look who Cudder got out of the perverts retirement home…The man whose favorite word is bitch…the one who ran from the cops when drunk only to be caught in 5 seconds…It’s Too $hort. The name of the song should have been bitches. I think he’s singing for prostitutes. Wait…this is for every single man who wants to bang every girl breathing! Team mafisi just found it’s anthem. The second verse is another reason to believe Scott is back to using, no wonder this album’s so good! Too $hort says all the pretty girls call him Todd like he’s LL Cool J now. 88 Keys killed it on the beat.


Club banger? I could pop mollies, grab a glow stick & mosh with a white woman to this beat. No words. Just beats for one minute fifty three seconds. Once again I think Scott should score a movie.


The second joint on the album produced by someone other than Cudi. This is Hit Boy so I know it’s going to be wild but who the fuck is Haim yo? Wait. Haim is that band made up of 3 white sisters! Ok.  This sounds good. Chill out music this is for those of us tormented with thoughts, sounds & visions in our minds that make no sense. Sometimes you just need to turn up to turn them down. This is for the mentally disturbed. Love it though it’s more of Haim featuring Cudi.


The title reminds me of Nairobi heat. The beat is spacey. I like this. Just like Ghost & Soundtrack 2 My Life this is a jam that makes you accept who you are as an odd individual. I realize that regular folks won’t relate to this album, then again, to relate to Scott’s music requires a certain degree of madness. Check the hook: “People think I’m mad or on one/ won’t you tell them I’m mad solar/ all the things that bother me/ ain’t no other way I can be!” Fuck what everyone thinks, just shine on them.


The Abbot is on this & he isn’t producing! I hope he’s not just doing the hook like on Ye’s MBDTF! Oh shit! RZA is rapping mayne! Did the Abbot just say “slice your pie look like Subarus”? Ha! He actually says Sbarros, the pizza joint. Yo! This verse makes no sense but then RZA says he doesn’t write songs he writes sceneries. This jam is RZA ft Kid Cudi bana! Dope to hear the RZA again though, Wu-Tang forever! Love the hook, In God I trust I don’t give no fucks!


Yooooo! A$AP is on this so I’m excited. All this album is missing after Kendrick & A$AP is 2 Chainz & all my favorite rappers would be covered. Loving the production on this album, Scott makes it sound like I’m watching a scary movie. LOL Chip just said “It’s like working four jobs not to kill niggaz”! I instantly love this! It’s about fake friends vs real friends. A$AP bodies this! My favorite record on the album so far. Quotable: Shoes on the rari/ start to look like hooves/ pigs by the crib/ start to look like wolves. – A$AP Rocky.


Cudder is back on his rap shit & he lets the world know it on this. He stomps the haters & shit talks to those who thought the drugs would kill him or destroy his career. This is my jam! Truthfully the best revenge is success & if anyone ever put you down then play this loud. This one verse will give you all the drive you need!


Uh oh. Mr. Rager is back. Whoa! The lyrics are crazy. This is definitely another one for the mentally disturbed. Cudder actually sounds like two different rappers on both verses. Scott as usual thanks his fans & fellow demented peoples for being there for him through the dark days. No wonder I love this kid. Despite being sad, Scott is happy, “Sky might fall but I ain’t worried at all/ Got me some Xannies & a couple of Adderall!” Strictly for my ADHD niggaz this is.


The beat is incredibly light…almost sweet. It’s not as dark as the lyrics. I love the second verse, so obnoxious yo! This dude is writing the soundtrack to my life yo “I love how I can make so many people uneasy!” That’s me! Cudder’s rhymes helped this beat.


Cudder fished the retirement home & tagged Michael Bolton for this. I have never liked Michael Bolton so I’m confused about this one. The beat’s got my head nodding though. That Michael Bolton bit sounds hella gay. This jam is about picking up chicks for an after party at the crib but Bolton makes it sound like Weezy & Birdman picking up niggaz for a gay fest. SMDH. The beat is nice though. Girls will like this one. Wait…Hold up…this song is nine muthafuckin minutes long? What the? FFWD! The beat switches, everyone wants to be Kendrick. Unless you’re chiefing I wouldn’t recommend this.


Once again Kid Cudi should score a movie. This instrumental paints a vivid picture. Alone on a foggy night by the lake…looking out into the dark…imagined creatures lurking as you try to find your way home, then come the footsteps…auditory halluscinations…you’re running…the ground disappears under you…you’re falling…then you wake up. It’s a wrap!

I’m so glad Scott is rapping a lot more on this one. This is an album for tormented souls & so all the happy, gumball muthafuckaz, this isn’t for you. Scott has once again delivered a beautiful album & his production all through maintains the albums dark sound that beautifully contrasts his mostly bright lyrics. All that said, Kendrick, King Chip & A$AP murdered him on his own shit but I still love Scott! Stoners, loners, desperados press play but skip track 17.

This is truly the resurrection of Scott Mescudi. He is no longer a sad sack of shit.

Favorite jams: Unfuckwittable, Just Who I Am, King Wizard, Immortal, Beez, Solo Dolo Part II, Burn Baby Burn, Mad Solar & Red Eye.

May Scott live forever to keep writing the soundtrack to my life.