Woman: Strength, Love, Hope

I kinda laugh when you cuss at me/ the aftermath is you touching me – Common

Today is World Poetry Day. Having been a bit of a closet poet I felt inspired to write something for someone extremely important in my life. I have always looked at my moms as that Supreme Deity & she will forever be my queen, however recently I discovered a love for another woman that I have never felt before. I would like to share her every single detail with you but I’m playing this one close to my chest coz I know the demons may be listening ready to ruin this beautiful union.

Strength of a woman

This is the symbol for feminism. The raised fist represents strength in numbers and standing up for women’s rights. The circle with the cross is the universal symbol for female, and comes from the astrological symbol for the planet Venus. 

The poem I wrote for her goes out to every other woman out there. You have brought a beautiful change in someone’s life & this is how they probably feel about you if they could express themselves as I have.

                                                                                                             WHY I LOVE YOU

Trapped in darkness, till I met you…the sun finally shone when you came through,

We were worlds apart, but you discovered me…you made your way into my heart & never judged me,

I value our conversations, though I don’t mind the sex…In love with your mind, constantly perplexed,

Your touch gets me hard, lips so soft…I want to enjoy this ride of love till the wheels fall off,

I pray this love gets bolder, wiser & stronger…I’ll love you till the day I die, then after & longer.  

Enjoy World Poetry Day Earthlings!!!! Tell her you love her today.



One Response to “Woman: Strength, Love, Hope”

  1. I am interested in this artwork…where did it come from?

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