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LONG.LIVE.A$AP – A$AP Rocky Album Review

Posted in Alkahol, Hip Hop, Music, Music Reviews, Women on January 10, 2013 by Saliva Vic

Life’s a bitch but that bitch in love with other niggaz – A$AP Rocky



No intro. We just go in with the song that has become my anthem/ prayer. The beauty about this beat (see what I did there?) is that it sounds like there’s a hell of a storm going on outside. This is the best turn up music coz the lyrics make you think. He talks about paranoia, death, dreams, success & respect! I love how he pays homage to his Southern influences. This nigga took his look from Lil Flip. Remember him? Rocky sang the hook & co-produced this! Go Flacko!

Quotable: Mothafuck a wishlist/ my ghetto was ambition/ for my benjis & my Bentleys & them bitches now I gets gets/ on the road to riches


The 1st single. The one with the video shot in Paris. I love this. Hit Boy killed it on the beat! The bass knocks ridiculous. If you know Flaco you know the pretty muthafucka loves his 808s heavy! More props to the South where he borrows heavily from on this.

Quotable: Yes I’m the shit/ tell me do it stink/ it feel good wakin up to money in the bank/ 3 model bitches/ cocaine on the sink/ and I’m so bout it bout it I might roll up in a tank!  

PMW (All I Need) ft Schoolboy Q

Didn’t Wayne have a joint called PMW for Pussy Money Weed? The beat is soooo T-Minus yo! He spits about being a young’n trying to make it to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Then he talks about bitches. He’s singing again. Yep! This is just like Wayne’s Pussy Money Weed only like a trillion times better! I could zone out to this on the weekend. Q’s bars are sick. Revenge for “Brand New Guy”.


Ok. What’s with the damn abbreviations A$AP? What! I like this. He talks a lot about banging chicks. I know he’s Dat Pretty Muthafucka but damn. I might have to think he’s covering up for being bent. He’s dissing old ass rappers who aren’t with the new school. This is like a STFU & middle finger to anyone hating & those who never thought he’d make it. Flow on the 2nd verse must make Kendrick Lamar proud.

Quotable: Life’s a bitch & she pussy pop/ know why coz I got her open!

HELL ft Santogold

The kick is heavy on this. Produced by Clams Casino just like LVL. I can’t be mad at the beat though it kind of drowns out Santogold whose voice I like. Again he shouts out the south comparing himself to Project Pat coz of the braids & gold teeth. Dude! He shouted out Do Or Die!!! The fuck? He’s only 23! Wish all young rappers respected the Golden Age like this kid.

PAIN ft OverDoz

I like the title. I hope he goes on his Cudi tip. The beat reminds me of “Purple Kisses”. He talks about fahion in the 1st few bars. Dude who comes in mid verse kinda sounds like K-Dot at first. This song is just about the star life. Being famous & the bullshit that comes along with it. I swear, you can get high to every single song on this album. Great choice of beats. Trippy music. LOL he said “getting dirty money but keep my hands sanitized”

Quotable: Almost fucked fame but she came with money/ I got 2 bad bitches haters wanna take em from me.

FUCKIN PROBLEMS ft Kendrick Lamar Drake & 2 Chainz

This is the hit single that he doesn’t really like. The beat was done by Drake & 40. I can’t be mad at anything with 2 Chainz & Kendrick on it. Even Drake’s verse was mean on this one! Why did 2 Chainz just get the hook? To make the jam ratchet? Or A$AP’s label couldn’t afford the 100K a verse price tag?


Fucking Skrillex? This better not be dubstep. Kicks off with A$AP’s voice screwed. Yep! Fucking dubstep. I don’t like dubstep but at times when Skrillex is the feature he comes correct like on the Korn record. I love this, perfect wildin out record. I want to get drunk & disrespectful right now!!! Not bad. I dig.

1 TRAIN ft Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson & Big K.R.I.T

Do I even have to say how I feel about this? Look at the line up yo! This is a cipher made in heaven or hell. Either way everyone is gonna bring it! They all deliver! Kendrick flips out then Joey calms you down only to flip into that 90s era flow. Yelawolf flips out as well just like the poor man’s Eminem that he is! Whoa! My neck’s in pain from head nodding! Danny Brown keeps the momentum on that psycho ignorant tip. Action Bronson brings the levels back down like he’s paving way for K.R.I.T.’s calmed down country flow. K.R.I.T. kills it though! Those bars are crazy!  The beat is sick! Hit Boy for Pres!

Quotable: Every bar except Bronson’s “The face is smooth like a table cloth” What?


Had to do a song about his high fashion taste huh? Nah! This is the obligatory song for bitches every rapper does on their album. The chick is the fashion killa in this case. Come on son! In a store I bet A$AP would come out with more bags. Could he be talking about being in love with fashion though? This one I can do without. Dude shouts out designers I have never heard of! I knew it, he’s talking about being in love with fashion. I hope he gets free clothes. That’s heavy advertising yo!


DOPE BEAT!!!!! Danger Mouse did this, no wonder! Of course A$AP pops shots at people who call him illuminati & all lies that lead to celebrity deaths. Lord Flacko kills it on this! These are the dark lyrics that made me fall in love with this kid! This may be my favorite song on this album. Kid Cudi would have been perfect on this especially at the end.

Quotable: Bloody ink on my pad spelled suicide/ Kurt Cobain even passed coz you scrutinized/ It’s a fine line between truth & lies/ Jesus Christ never lied/ still was crucified!


Title makes me think of Devil Wears Prada. You know that song by KT Tunstall. I love the soul sample & shit. He reminisces on how he started this rap shit & pays homage to maad rappers. Lord Flacko produced this himself. This song could pass for a 90s record for real, the imagery, the flows, the beats, the names being dropped. I love it. This is A$AP flexing his rap muscle!

The album ends there. Now the bonus tracks.


Dark beat, loving this already. It’s hella gangsta, sounds like vintage BONE: Thugz N Harmony. The hook is borrowed from C-Murder’s popular “Down For My Niggaz”. Not bad. But I can live without it. It’s just A$AP popping a lot of shit. He turns into Scarface somewhere in the 2nd verse.

Quotable: Long live A$AP now bow to your Messiah!

GHETTO SYMPHONY ft A$AP Ferg & Gunplay

Here comes the ignorance! A$AP’s verse is pretty sick & pretty ignorant. I hate the beat. Gunplay is pretty forgettable. Ferg tries to save the jam with a crazy flow but this song can’t be saved. I don’t like this at all, even A$AP ‘s verse is now diluted by what has followed. Yiiiick!


So. This is where the real ratchet record was hiding. I love it from jump. It’s all about drugs, chainz, guns, real niggaz & bitches! The hook alone is “10 gold chains/ wood grain propane/ sell the whole thang/ from a cellphone rang! Niiiiice,

If you like trippy music, this is the album for you based on the beats alone. Knock your pictures off the wall 808s & screwed up voices galore! After what was a groundbreaking mixtape LiveLoveA$AP this is the perfect follow up. Though I feel like he didn’t need the bonus tracks coz the album is pretty much perfect till you get into these bonus tracks.

J. Cole might have let me down with his 1st effort after a great mixtape run & so did Meek Mill. Kendrick Lamar didn’t disappoint & delivered. Now following in K-Dot’s footsteps is A$AP Rocky. This is a great album, though I expected it to be a bit darker I can’t blame him, he’s winning right now. LONG. LIVE. A$AP!

Favorite Jams: Phoenix, 1 Train, Long Live A$AP, Goldie, Suddenly, PMW, Wild For The Night, Fuckin Problems