Don’t Be S.A.F.E. – Trinidad Jame$ Mixtape Review

Tryin to come up in the game/ and add a couple of dollar signs to my name – Memphis Bleek

When I first heard about this kid I downloaded the mixtape, played the intro & didn’t go any further. A few weeks later he was all over the internets & everybody & their mother had an opinion on him. I was then put on to a record called “Turn Up” produced by Mike Will by a radio presenter called Miss Mandii  & decided to listen to the damn thing again. The title is the best ever though! Don’t Be S.A.F.E means Don’t be sensitive as fuck everyday!

Don't be S.A.F.E.

Tonk For The Money

This sounds like trap music about hustling. The hook doesn’t end when I expect it too. Funny, the 1st thing he says is about how long the hook is. He then gets cut off by a nigga singing in the background. The beat is nice as fuck! His verse ends sooner than expected as Trinidad announces that this is just the intro. Cool.

Females Welcomed ft Reija Lee

The beat is bananas! The soulful jazzy horns looped on this are insane! The hook is even better! I can relate to this. “Now my side bitch/ my main bitch/ coz my main hoe ain’t feelin me no more!” If you haven’t been through this you are living a boring sheltered life. I know former side chicks who can testify to having this happen. The beat switches up toward the end, knocking like crazy with the girl singing. He can’t do better than this though. Quotable: Might need a witness/ coz these bitches crazy.

Gold On My Macbook

That title is hilarious. I have actually seen the bag he uses to carry his macbook. That shit gold. Not real though. He spits a few bars then talks some shit then back to rapping. This song has nothing to do with gold on his macbook! The beat nice but it’s over sooner than sex with a pubescent teenager!

Team Vacation ft Spook, Coop & Snake

This is one of the more popular joints from this mixtape. This is those jams that makes you want to slap rappers. Nobody’s life should be this good! Quotable: I’m a cold nigga/ fucking hot bitches! Trinidad actually says that you can pay for his girl’s vagina plus taxes, he’s cashing out on yall niggaz! Fuck. Your. Life. I like this. I could do drugs to this one.

One More Molly

This of course IS about doing drugs. This is the kind of record you slip in when you’re at a rich girls party in the fucking burbs of Karen, Runda, Gachie & those other ends where the matatus are extremely fucked up & you only get to the house driving or in a cab. The hook is stupid “I just popped a super molly/ she just popped a super molly”.

I like that he says there’s no concept behind it coz he wrote this when he was turnt up! For newbies, turnt up means he was high as fuck! This song has more than 1 verse? He must have been really high then. It gets screwed at the end. I LOVE this. Eminem’s Drug Ballad just got replaced in the iPod yo!

All Gold Everything

This is the most popular record on your TV right now if you watch Trace Urban. The video has Trinidad Jame$ looking like Jerome from Martin. My stuck in the 90s niggaz know who Jerome from Martin is. The beat is bananas! Clearly Trinidad Jame$ has an ear for beats like the cop Rick Ro$$. What gets me about this jam, is that it’s just  one verse with a repetitive hook. Quotable: This ain’t for no fuck niggas/ this here is for real niggaz/ this ain’t for no fuck nigga/ if you a real nigga then fuck with me!

If you don’t like ratchet bars & hooks, if Mike Will isn’t your favorite producer, if you don’t eat inside a strip club, if you don’t have a ridiculous weave, if you pay your rent right after you get paid instead of going to the club, then Trinidad Jame$ isn’t for you.

Sneaky Vs Selfish

This beat makes me think of Wiz Khalifa & A$AP Rocky having a baby. The baby would sound like this beat & Wiz would be the bitch having the baby of course. Trinidad tells a joke his mama told him about 9 dudes & a chick hanging from a rope. It’s hilarious. Moral of the story: Fuck these bitches! Real Nigga Shit. I played this 5 times trying to cram the story yo!

Madden On GameCube ft Juke

I  know nothing about video games but I know my stoner friends mention this shit once in a while. The verse kicks off with Juke rapping all bitter about some chick. I think it’s about drama queens, I’ve had my fair share. Trinidad Jame$ sounds kind of like A$AP on this bragging about how he can fuck your chick & his iPhone.  Quotable: She slipped off her C men/ then start sippin semen/ she ain’t even breathin/ just uh uh she goin in!

The fuck shit does this have to do with video games Mr. James? Bloody wanker!

Givin No Fucks

I love the title. If you follow me on the twitter you know that I am a staunch follower of the realigion known as #Idontgiveafuckism! It begins, “My life is perfectly terrible”. Is he about to get his Kid Cudi on? Yep! This is the truth joint. He talks a bit about his life but he isn’t nearly as honest as Scott. Hee touches on the government but he ain’t Nas. In the end this is his middle finger to those who don’t like him.

Quotable: The best part about being me/ is I ain’t nothing like you/ and if you were me/ you prolly wouldn’t like you!

$outh$ide ft Forte Bowie

I like the beat! The hook catchy as fuck! “Ratchet bitches we love em/ Classy bitches we fuck em!” This Forte dude sounds fat as fuck! I like his punchlines though I don’t think he meant them to be punchlines like “I’m saving all my love/ that’s rest in peace to Miss Whitney!” Quotable: Callin me the truth is an understatement/ I prefer to be called butt naked/ I like my bitches butt naked! This jam is better than Females Followed! Shock!

Hip Hop has always had these kids who make so much noise then disappear. Is Trinidad Jame$ one of them. I don’t think so. He isn’t the greatest rapper on the planet, he isn’t even a good rapper but he knows how to write a great record & he can pick beats. I listen to this kid everyday because it’s something new & deep down inside I am pretty ratchet.

That’s neither here nor there. If you like something different & fun this is for you. If you like banging beats & catchy hooks it’s for you. If you’re a Lupe Fiasco fan please go find a shrine to some ancient god to worship at coz this isn’t for you.

Favorite records: Females Welcomed, One More Molly, All Gold Everything, Giving No Fucks & $outh$ide. 



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  1. Hey , who that rapper that on the cover hiz standing by hiz grandma. And hez like holding a shot gun.

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