Dreams & Nightmares : Meek Mill Album Review

My neck talk it say fuck me/ my wrist talk it say suck me/ these niggaz claimin they ballin/ I take they bitch Kris Humphrey/ – Meek Mill

Dreams & Nightmares

This kicks off real smooth. He’s rhyming on some pianos that remind me of Diced Pineapples off GFID. I expect Wale’s spoken word ass to show up at any moment now. This dude bears his heart out but still brags, “When I bought the Rolls Royce they thought that it was leased/ Then I bought that new Ferrari haters rest in peace/” . After 2 minutes the 808s kick in & the screaming Meek Mill who doesn’t give a fuck goes H.A.M.!  This flow never gets old. He turns into 2Pac at some point on this though. Worth another listen.

In God We Trust

I already know this is about money. He starts by saying, “Most of you sucka ass niggaz wouldn’t last a week in my hood if yall was broke/ and wouldn’t last a day if you had money.” 808s knocking as is expected of MM. This is gangsta music from the eyes of a real street dude. I can’t relate but Meek spins the tale well. He isn’t Kendrick but you feel anger & desperation in this. Quotable: “He the slave in the field/ you the one on the porch/ with that gun in your hand/ tryin to ran wit yo man!” He turns into 2Pac again & spits wise words at the end about staying away from street life.

 Young & Getting It feat Kirko Bangz

Typical mind numbing anthem for the Y.O.L.O generation. This song is ratchet yo! The 1st verse opens with, “Young nigga I’m gettin money & fuck hoes in my spare time/ If she don’t fuck on the 1st night then she don’t meet my deadline.” Don’t you wish you were a rapper? GTFOH Meek! Kirko sounds like shit on this. Why? I can see myself chanting these Meek bars though after sipping on some Jesus Juice. I really want to slap Kirko right now!


The most talked about record off this album. Son reeeeeally gets his 2Pac on with this one. Tales of dead homies only that he flows so much better than Pac. He speaks on his pops’ murder & getting revenge. There’s a poor man’s MJB voice being looped in the back. Thinking about it, the production sounds like the poor man’s Havoc. Meek is rap’s 2 Face. He flips from bar to bar, “Niggaz spray metal tryin to take you off the earth/ really over nothing/ tell me what it’s worth/ tryin to take you out the game just to put you on a shirt/ I rose from the jungle like Derrick/ death to anybody that oppose my spirit/ future looking brighter than this rolls I’m starin in/ we be runnin trains on the hoes yall cherish!” Quotable: My arm it says Murder Music I’ll let you listen to death!

Believe It feat Rick Ross

His boss is on it. What the fuck? The cop is name dropping white pop stars on his hook! Meek goes back to his “I’m a boss” flow. I can’t be mad. This is the Meek I like. Oh I get it. The white pop stars, “Miley Cyrus” & “Justin Bieber” is his new slang for cocaine aka White girl! Ross’ verse is dumber than usual. This must be the bottom of dumbing it down yo! I want to slap Meek Mill now!

Maybach Curtains feat John Legend, Nas, Rick Ross

This is his take on the cop’s Maybach Music series. Obligatory Legend hook. More street tales from Meek in the 1st verse. The beat has a nice laid back soul feel to it. Nas verse is legendary. He paints pictures using the blues but the shit isn’t sad yo!  All 3 rappers reminisce on this but only Nas does his memories justice.

Amen ft Drake

This is the 1st single. I love this. The beat is genius, with the organ sample; you can catch the Holy Ghost. The girl Drake even came through on this. I always say Drake’s best 2 verses are on this & the one on French Montana’s Pop That.

Young Kings

I like this from jump. The beat is a break from all these 808 laden thumpers. The kid kills it though he really worships money on this joint. Now that I’m at the end of it, he doesn’t really spit any memorable bars on this.

Lay Up feat Wale, Rick Ross & Trey Songz

The obligatory record for bitches. One thing though, it sounds more like he’s showing off about all the shit he can do with his money rather than what he can do for the chick. Ross also comes on & keeps talking about money. Did Trey Songz really just do the hook using a basketball analogy? This record is 50 kinds of fail on 50 kinds of stupid! Wale at least raps to the chicks.  This is skip worthy maaad! I see it being a single though.

Tony Story Part 2

I guess part 1 must be on one of the numerous mixtapes MMG have dropped over the last 2 weeks. Ha! This is a hood story about Paulie & Tony (watch the Sopranos much?) who were homies but as usual people end up dead. This beat sounds like something Nicki Minaj would rap over. It reminds me of B.I.G’s Somebody Gotta Die only it isn’t.

Who You’re Around feat Mary J Blige

I love the intro: “One night I prayed to God I asked could he please remove my enemies from my life & before you know it I started losing friends.” This is so true for everybody. We have frenemies.  Rozay should have picked beats for this album, these beats are a yawnfest yo!  Maybe they spent all the money for good beats on Wale & Ross’ albums.

Polo & Shell Tops

Reminiscing on the drug game……..again! Glad to hear that he only did it to buy some clothes.  Skip.

Rich & Famous feat Louie V

More money worship. This album could make a broke nigga kill himself. I like this though. Did dude just say money comes in different revenues? The fuck? Still, I’ll be playing this for fun when I need to hallucinate about all the vagina I could buy with rap money.

Real Niggaz Come First

I can’t see why anyone would listen to this song repeatedly. It’s good for riding round looking for a spot to get drunk. That is all. Quotable: That pussy smell like Fiji/ boy I just go swimming.

Burn feat Big Sean

I actually like this record. It’s just that shit you need to get amped in the morning getting ready to get out & grind. This might be the best record on this since the intro with the exception of Amen. Yet it’s a bonus track.

Freak Show feat Sam Sneak & 2 Chainz

From jump you just know this is stupid, dumb, thick, ignorant strip club music. Girls will be twerking to this for days! 2 Chainz says “I like new pussy/ I shoulda kept the tag on!” This dude will never cease to amaze me.

It’s clear to me that Meek Mill has suffered the J Cole curse. The kid had so many dope mixtapes leading to high expectations for the album only for him to give us Maybach Music’s “The Sideline Story”. Dreams & Nightmares lacks the hunger & cleverness that Meek has shown on previous mixtapes. It sounds rushed & the beats are damn near horrible.

There are no dreams about this but an absolute nightmare. Maybe he’ll be better on his next joint coz I still think that as Kendrick Lamar is the new Nas, Meek Mill is the new Jay –Z.

Favorite joints: Dreams & Nightmares, Amen, Rich & Famous, Burn. 

Whoever the impostor is who sounds like Meek Mill on this atrocious album needs to tell us what he did with the real Meek. Will the real Meek Mill please stand up! Oh! Here you are!



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