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good kid, m.A.A.D city – Kendrick Lamar Album Review

Posted in Alkahol, Hip Hop, Music, Music Reviews, Women on October 22, 2012 by Saliva Vic

Bitches selling pussy/ niggaz selling drugs but it’s all good – Jay Rock

Sherane aka The Master Splinters Daughter

This kicks off with a prayer. Sounds weird. Great storytelling about that girl we all used to like to fuck when we were kids but she has issues. It ends abruptly though.

Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe

The title alone lets you know that you’re on the verge of epicness. Killa beat. The hook has this girl sing a prayer that all alcoholics have said at one point or the other. “I am a sinner who’s probably gonna sin again.” This is that joint you play when you couldn’t be fucked by the pressures of this life. Quotable: “Look inside of my soul & you could find gold & maybe get rich.”

Backseat Freestyle

Hit Boy created this banger. The beat knocks like a muhfuggah! The pictures falling off the walls when you bang this joint yo! Kendrick goes apeshit on this. Who the fuck says, “I pray my dick grows big as the Eiffel Tower”?  That 3rd verse is insane! I can’t be mad at this joint.  Kendrick prays a lot though.

The Art Of Peer Pressure

The beat on this joint is nice as fuck. Thank God Kendrick can pick good beats though he could rap on some garbage Swizz Beat & make that shit sound sick yo! Wait. What just happened? The beat switches after about a minute to some ominous nonsense. Oh shit! The kid goes in on an even sicker beat! His storytelling is on Nas’ level, he paints pictures. This sounds like my weekends. Quotable: We on the mission for bad bitches & trouble. Story of my life.  This might be the best record on here.

Money Trees feat Jay Rock

This features one of my favorite new emcees. The beat grabs your attention. What is he talking about? This is the 3rd song he mentions fucking Sherane. Is she a real chick? Nice flow. What the hell is this about? The hook is even more confusing. I see what he’s doing, getting his Lupe Fiasco on minus the arrogance & big words. Where’s Jay? It’s been 4 minutes already! Someone call Dre quick, Rock just murdered Kendrick on his own shit! His verse makes sense. This song is about dreams & living them despite all the bullshit. Quotable: Broken promises till your watch can’t tell you what time it is.

There are weird skits at the end of the last 2 joints. Is this what’s hot on the streets now Kendrick?

Poetic Justice feat Drake

The girl Drake is on this. Fuck. My. Life. The joint sounds like A$AP Rocky could fit perfectly in this. The vagina monologues couldn’t sound gayer than Kendrick’s verse yo! The girls will love this. You can seriously get laid playing this. Drake is rapping for Kenyan girls, he just said “East African girls”. I shit you not. This is a pussy joint especially that Aaliyah sounding chick in the back. I don’t like this much. Clever line goes to Kendrick for “Live my life on the margin.” That’s a great metaphor for living life on the pages he writes his poems on.

Another bullshit skit at the end of this joint.

Good Kid

The one the album was named after. The beat is maad gangsta. If you ever doubted Kendrick’s wordplay this is the record to listen to. He weaves words into a perfect picture, I can see that good kid stuck in the crazy streets of Compton.  I can’t be mad at this shit it makes up for the awful one with Drake.

M.A.A.D City feat MC Eiht

Yeah. I was as shocked as you. Eiht is still rapping? I thought DJ Quik bodied this dude’s career years ago. This could easily pass for a Young Jeezy joint with that beat, only Kendrick raps better. This is about gang life in L.A. The beat switches up to some old school west coast gangsta shit. Yo! Kendrick goes in “Cocaine laced in marijuana/ & they wonder why I rarely smoke now/ imagine if your first blunt had you foaming at the mouth!” Eiht takes it back to ‘93 with a decent verse but Kendrick channels Eminem to body this joint toward the end yo!

Finally a skit that makes sense.

Swimming Pools

This is the alcoholic’s anthem. Anyone with demons who turns to Jesus juice to get away will love this joint. Contrary to popular belief this song doesn’t glorify alcoholism, it actually demonizes the habit. Unlike the radio version this joint goes on with a new verse on a banging beat. Another skit at the end. It starts making sense. These skits are some kind of continuity thing to the stories on the album.

Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst

All this talk about alcohol has got me thirsty. I can totally relate to this joint. My best friend Yvonne who believes in my dreams is who Kendrick is talking to if I was Kendrick. Kendrick just got shot mid sentence. I think he’s rapping about a dead loved one from their perspective talking to him. I’m confused yo! He gets faded out mid sentence now. This is the realest joint on the album though. Quotable: Last night was another distraction/ or a reaction on what we consider madness.

There’s a skit after 7 minutes into this jam. Now there’s another song. The beat is strange & Kendrick gets his gun play on. I couldn’t be fucked about this part. It’s just a bunch of words on a beat. I can’t relate. Press FFWD. There’s a prayer at the end about getting saved.  The kid prays a LOT yo!

Real feat Anna Wise from Sonnymoon

That’s one of the bands he’s always co-signing on the twitter. They’re good. Her voice is mousy yo! It’s like Erykah Badu on helium. The last joint was 12 minutes, this one is 7. Dude must have a lot to say. This is how to write a love song not like that vagina juice filled joint with Drake. Somewhere this song turned into a song about being a real nigga. Quotable : Any nigga can kill a man. That don’t make you a real nigga. Real is responsibility. Real is taking care of your muthafuckin family. Real is God nigga. *Boyz N The Hood moment* I think that those are Kendrick’s parents talking on this jam.

Compton feat Dr. Dre

Dre? Really? This nigga should be seated somewhere not making Detox. The beat is insane probably made by one of Dre’s numerous ghost workers. Kendrick wrote Dre a sick verse yo! I like it. The Game is somewhere hella jealous at this joint! Dre turns into Kendrick in the 3rd verse. Creepy. Damn! It’s a Just Blaze beat. Now Hov is somewhere jealous at this record.

The Recipe feat Dr. Dre

If Dre is looking to stay relevant in 2012, Kendrick is a good avenue. I love this song. It’s that smoke up & sip on some drank on the beach type shit! Kendrick did a great job again on Dre’s verses. WWW no longer stands for the internets, it’s Women Weed & Weather. Quotable: Bitch take off them muthafuckin panties you ain’t no nun. Shit!

Black Boy Fly

A song to inspire you to keep trying till you achieve your dreams. Yo! He says he used to be jealous of The Game. He refers to Game by his government Jayceon Taylor! I can’t be mad at this joint. It’s fucking real yo!

Now Or Never feat Mary J Blige

This is a happy joint. He finally made it & now Kendrick is enjoying the victory lap. He knows that his music has substance & it helps those of us with demons find a way to make it through. Quotable: I burst in the crowd/ with a voice & a crown/ I’m a king on the prowl/ & I see mama smile. MJB bodies this joint, sounding like she just dropped 411 all over again.

Since I 1st played this kid’s joint from the O.D. mixtape back when I did a segment called the mixtape on HBR I knew that I’d discovered a jewel. Unlike J Cole who later went on to drop one of the shittiest  albums in rap history, Kendrick Lamar has delivered a great album. If you’re looking for real rap that has some substance with great delivery you just found it.

Favorite joints : Sherane, Bitch Dan’t Kill My Vibe, The Art Of Peer Pressure, Money Trees, Sing About Me if you ditch the Dying Of Thirst bit, Now or Never.

This is my favorite Kendrick joint of all time though.