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7 Words For My Queen

Posted in Uncategorized on September 20, 2012 by Saliva Vic

I’m a real nigga & bitches like real/ so you is what it ain’t & it is what it is – 2 Chainz

In life, I have always believed that there will be special people in your life & they come like the seasons, at different times & for different reasons. The women in my life have been nothing short of a 2 Chainz record, you know, so different yet it’s all the same shit over & over. However, among the plethora of vagina bearers I have had the pleasure of acquainting with there are those rare jewels that stand out for some reason or the other.

I’m talking about those girls who even a decade later leave a mark in your life akin to that nasty scar after a night of debauchery that will always remind you that it happened & no, it wasn’t a dream. Well I was medicating the other day & I thought of a special way to thank a certain vagina bearer for being more than just a “Mwanamke ni vagina” kind of girl. I was instantly inspired coz this girl is my muse & I wrote a poem, something I haven’t done since Amy Winehouse passed.

I decided to post this so that you can borrow it for that special someone in your life & of course to brag about my superiority when it comes to making you feel good.  It’s called 7 Words & it goes out to my queen.


Enchanting. The word that describes her saunter as she passes me by…

Divine. The word that describes her scent, as she leans in to kiss me goodbye…

Enigma.  The word that describes her persona, a jigsaw puzzle with a piece missing…

Epic. The word that describes her adventurous spirit, she pulls me in every second we’re kissing…

Compassionate.  The word that describes her attitude but don’t get it twisted, she can still be a bitch

Malkia. The name I call her coz its epic, how her enigmatic divinity has me enchanted coz whether compassionate or bitchy, in my mind she’ll rule till her death. God bless my queen.


Feel free to use these jewels I just dropped as your wedding vows…unless you’re some rich fuck, if so you better cut me a cheque. Just kidding. Unless you’re going to do it.

I now leave you with a word of prayer from my sponsors, the good people at ASL who manufacture Furaha Brandy that made all this shit possible.