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God Forgives, I Don’t – Rick Ross Album Review

Posted in Alkahol, Hip Hop, Misadventures, Music, Music Reviews, Women on July 30, 2012 by Saliva Vic

Treat that bad bitch like a bad cheque/ I cash that & I bounce – Meek Mill

Pray for Us

I love the prayer. It’s from Baby Boy when Sweet pea prays before the driveby. Epic.


This has me feeling guilty coz of the title. I got this album thanks to piracy on the internets. But as soon as it kicks off I love it coz it’s about struggling & making it. I’m just trying to survive by spending the money on food instead of buying this shit. Ross talks to God a lot on this record. “Trying to keep my head above water. We’re pirates out here just trying to stay afloat.”

3 Kings ft Dr. Dre & Jay-Z

I love the shit out of this beat! It’s incredible. I just wish instead of Dr. Dre he should have got Kanye West to guest appear on this. Great job ghostwriting for Dre though. I’m guessing it was Ross. “Stumble but I never fall, leaning on my pistol.” – Ross. Hov steps to the mic & straight bodies this shit! As ostentatious as ever but real just as only Hov can.

Quotable: “ I only love her if her weave new/ I’m still a hood nigga what you want me to do/ been hoppin out the B.M witcha B.M/ takin her places you can’t go witcha per diem/ screamin carpe diem till I’m a dead poet/ Robin Williams shit I deserve a golden globe miss!”  Hov then rubs it in on how easy this rap shit is to him by spitting, “you ain’t gotta keep this Khaled it’s just a freestyle”. Hov’s verse is the best on this album so far!


The beat has a beautiful sample. What the hell is Ross talking about on this? He’s goes on about P.E. & Home Econ with relation to selling & cooking dope. Yet again the cop aka Rozay gets his fake gangsta persona on this one “Until then I’ma be a D-Boy I’m ashamed to say.” This is that bump it in your car kind of record when you’re on a road trip.

Quotable: “These emotional niggaz/ and most of them killaz/ they movin in silence/ but they follow your twitters/ these the games that they play they study your instagram pictures”. Young Man rap getting all tech savvy & what not.

Maybach Music IV ft Ne-Yo

I can’t believe Ross is still doing these Maybach Music records. Easy listening this is, like it could pass to be played on Easy FM, that R&B chick flick type shit. His bars aren’t anything spectacular, I keep waiting to hear Ne-Yo but instead all I hear is his voice harmonizing in the backdrop.  Hilarious that he compares himself to a young B.I.G. The only thing they got in common is the weight & talking about food on records. The beat switches up & gets faster toward the end with Ne-Yo. Blah. Then L.A. Reid comes in talking about bosses. The fuck?

Quotable: “Niggaz get abused like boys at Penn State.”

Sixteen ft Andre 3000

This jam is 7 minutes long, but all it takes to get me excited about this is Andre 3K on the credits, I just know he’s going to body this beat & bury it in the MMG cemetery.  One thing I must say, the production on this album is great, Ross can sure pick them beats, Andre 3K produced this apparently. The cop tries to get philosophical on this as he describes how great his life on the rise as a successful rapper is. YESSSSS! 3K bodies the joint, the flow is insane! 16 bars aren’t enough to contain this dude. Quotable: How’s He God, if he lets Lucifer let loose on us/  that noose on us won’t loosen up/ but loose enough to juice us up –  Andre 3K wins for that wordplay.


Another great beat. From the title I thought this was a song about smoking weed, where Wiz Khalifa at though?  It kind of reminds me of Just Blaze’s earlier work on Hov’s albums circa The Dynasty & Blueprint. Rozay talks about his comeup. Shouldn’t a rapper stop mentioning how broke they used to be after their first 2 albums? 2 Punchlines got me on this, 1. Nigga you a bitch, where your Honda Accord. 2. Now I piss on Europeans you’d think it was porn.

Hold Me Back

Is that Lex Luger? The mandatory dirty south slow loud & bangin (SLAB) joint is finally here. The 808s will knock pictures of your mother’s walls. This is that ignorant shit you chant to when you want to blame everyone but yourself for how messed up life is. This is only good for the club….particularly a strip club. French Montana & Future need to hop on this beat. SMDH moment: “Pussy ho/ she a pussy ho until she gimme pussy ho!” – The Cop.


This can’t be a remake of the classic Public Enemy record from back in the day can it? Or is it about 9/11?  No. It’s not. It’s the cop bragging about his Porsche 911. Once again he takes on the big drug kingpin persona that he never was. I can see myself dancing with a young, big booty having girl as I guzzle Red Berry Ciroc at my mansion. Sound ridiculous? Listen to this & tell me otherwise.

So Sophisticated ft Meek Mill

The club banger. It dropped as a single & has been tearing up the clubs something ridiculous. I see what the cop did, all the SLAB records are smack in the middle of the album. Nothing deep just banging beats & fantasy rhymes. Meek Mill bodies this one, this kid’s the future. Quotable: “Time to lay down these niggaz who still be masqueradin/ We know you pussy so you got my niggaz masturbatin!”  – The Cop. These rhymes are soooo gay on soooo many levels!

Presidential ft Elijah Blake

Who the hell is Elijah Blake? Oh well, the beat sounds like vintage Neptunes. I like it. More bragging from the cop. This is chick music. What does Ross think this is? Blankets & Wine? This Elijah kid sounds like the poor man’s Robin Thicke. He better not be white as well. Then again with a name like Elijah Blake he might as well. This is kind of boring after the 1st verse.

Ice Cold ft Omarion

Damn! Omarion must have named this, after his only hot record, Ice Box. The beat is gangsta like 50 Cent & M.O.P are about to hop out the speakers. O sounds really good on this jam. I can bounce to this. Why does the cop keep talking about floor seats at theHeat game? I’ve never seen him on the ESPN! This should be Omarion’s song. Ross sounds like he didn’t even want to write these lame bars.

Touch’n You ft Usher

This is the single with the hot chick in the video & the fake mob meeting. Usher actually says “fuck’n you”. Rozay is trying to make Biggie & Kellz classic “Fuckin you tonite”. Not as epic.  This song reminds me of this girl that I have a really monstrous, gargantuan crush on. I like this song.

Diced Pineapples ft Wale & Drake

I heard this one before I got the album. It opens with some epic spoken word by Wale & your girl Drake on the BGVs. Ross said that after his heart attack from all that crab meat he was advised to eat fruit so he always had dice pineapple for breakfast. Now he’s comparing his woman to diced pineapples, he’s gotta have it. These fat rappers. I can’t be mad at this joint! He even had Drake to do what he does best, singing hooks, no verse!

Ten Jesus Pieces ft Stalley

I love Stalley. I like that on the cover Ross is rocking what looks like 10 Jesus Pieces. But this song is just more bragging & more lying about Rick Ross’s drug dealing ways. He shouts out the legends Eric B & Rakim plus Pharcyde on the hook though. Where’s Stalley? We’re on the 3rd verse already! It was worth the wait, Stalley’s on the 4th verse, he shouts out the greats “Versace shirt, Jesus layin on the chest/ I swear Big did it the best/ I mean, Nas did it fresh/ n Jay did it fresh/ I mean, Ye did it fresh but man, Big did it the best!”

There’s some weird ass people speaking in a language I don’t understand at the end of this. Could be Spanish. Fail.

Triple Beam Dreams ft Nas

I like this. One of hip hop’s best storytellers successfully delivers on this speaking from the perspective of a young drug dealer on the come up. This is the definition of “1 Verse, 1 Hearse”! Nas bodies it! All this joint needs now is Ghostface Killah.  Rozay’s verse is alright but it sounds like rubbish after Nas.  Quotable: “A project minded/ individual criminal tactics/ us black kids born with birth defects we hyperactive/ mentally sex crazed/ dysfunctional they describe us/ liars, at the end of the day we’re fuckin survivors.” Win!

Rich Forever ft John Legend

Finally! The last song! The cop’s honesty on this one takes me by surprise. He leaves the drug dealing to talk about his come up in the rap game. What every emcee goes through when that writing bug bites you & shopping for a record deal. It’s Ross’ take of Kanye’s “Last Call”. As the beat switches up he goes of bragging on the good life. Good record though. Quotable: “A hundred mill ain’t enough/ got a hundred women gotta deal with it love”.

This is pretty good for young man rap lovers. Nothing too heavy lyrically but I must say the production is stellar. The album is too long, with most of the fillers smack right in the middle. I would say it’s his 2nd best after Teflon Don.

Best jams: 3 Kings minus the Dre verse, Triple Beam Dreams, Diced Pineapples & Sixteen.