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Today is international Women’s day and I celebrate being a woman. One of God’s greatest and most carefully created creatures.

Women were created special, not only did God make them especially beautiful and eye-catching, he made them incredibly strong. A woman will tell you she’s okay with tears in her eyes, she will smile and go about her stuff whilst every part of her insides feels like it is being torn apart. A woman loves and gives her heart fully and leaves absolutely nothing for herself. Nothing tops being a woman.

Women were created to nurture and give life. A woman’s strength is phenomenal.

Shakespeare said “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and nothing rings truer than this. A woman will love with all her heart but when she is hurt she will be out for blood and you do not want to step in her path.


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  1. Charles Ball Says:

    Yeah, Ill bet You believe (as all women do) that Your “gods gift”. Luckaly..I’m an Athiest.

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