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1000 Words

Posted in Hip Hop, Music, Women with tags , , , on February 13, 2012 by Saliva Vic

Picture perfect/ I paint a perfect picture/ bomb the hoochies with precision/ my intentions gettin richer/ – 2Pac

Dang! I haven’t posted in a minute but today I need a medium to vent & you my blog are the lucky chosen one. I have been having a rough time at the plantation where I slave away at 6 days a week due to the introduction of a new slave master. She’s straight changed everything up & is constantly whipping me to the point of anxiety & depression. Willie Lynch ain’t got nothing on this bitch!

Through it all I have managed to hold my head & stay positive as always but this has been through the help of pictures. Two pictures to be exact. The saying is true that a picture can say 1000 words.

The first picture I always look at to draw hope  & inspiration is a picture of Nneka that I came across on Capital Lifestyle.

Look at that smile. The aunthenticity cannot be questioned. That is a genuine, beautiful raw smile. The kind that your girl gives you after a satisfying session of love making. The kind of smile that you just have to smile back to. It’s as if Nneka is singing to me “oooh child things are gonna get easier”.

The second picture is of Rick Ross. The man responsible for entertaining me thoroughly with the song Holy Ghost from his Rich Forever mixtape. I stumbled upon this on the Rap Genius website as I sought what other heads thought of Holy Ghost and farted due to how hard I was laughing.

Obviously when I get a little angry I look at this gif & I won’t stop laughing. The shit is hilarious fam! I always say that while other rappers are worried about being bodied by some street dudes, Ross is worrying about a heart attack or a seizure or something due to his love for Crab meats, chicken & various other life threatening meals.

I had to share these so that in the event that you’re feeling down & need a smile, check these two out & I promise that the day will get better. Here is some tuneage as you do so.

Ooh Child – The Five Stairsteps