The Dreamer/ The Believer : Common Album Review

How can I say this/ Fuck it I’m the greatest – Common

The Dreamer ft Maya Angelou

Com kicks off the album with some braggado rhymes. Quotable: Trying to fuck the world, she only let me finger. The beat is so soulful reminding me of Dilla. Of course No I.D. can channel Dilla when he pleases. Common even does that weird “thicki thicki thick thack I thack” thing he did on the Dilla produced Grammy nominated “The Light.” Maya does her spoken word thing about dreams & ancestors.

Ghetto Dreams ft Nas

This was the one that came out 1st. Common & Nas talk about their ghetto dream girl. Huh? These are 2 rich niggaz talking about ghetto chicks? Oh wait. It’s a ghetto nigga’s dreams. Well at least Nas married 2 ghetto girls Carmen & that mullato Kelis. This guy is the epitome of fail when it comes to picking women. The beat bangs something ridiculous. I approve this.  Quotable: Call me a pro in the pussy category. Really Nas? Really?

Blue Sky ft Makeba Riddick

The one with white people in the video. I love this sound. The rhyming is top notch stuff. The jam for everyone chasing a dream. This song keeps you going through the struggle till you get to your sky where you’ll find your light & shine. Quotable: Aston Martin King Luther with dreams/ a young Denzel the way I move through scenes.


Common attacks an imaginary young ass disrespectful singing rapper. No names are called out but we all know these kids singing like they’re Sinatra. Drake, Wiz, Sean, Cole, the list is endless. Quotable: I rap for the commoners/ my name is synonymous with prominence/ I’m to rap what Obama is to politics. The vocal sample on the hook sounds like his ex-girl Erykah Badu but it’s actually Doris & Kelly. That would have been weird if it was Erykah.

Gold ft James Fauntleroy II

The beat has a serious bounce. My head is nodding even before dude rhymes. Shit. I think this is Common’s coming of fame record. Just like Hov realized he can no longer go back to the block after 100mil Common has to speak on being a big azz star, he’s no longer that conscious kid with a retrospect for life. I like. The lyrics are forgettable though & who is this James kid with a weird second name?

Lovin I lost ft James Fauntleroy II

I would have sworn that’s a popular sample on this. The way No I.D has chopped this I can’t tell. It’s real soulful. Com talks about lost love. Is he talking about Erykah like 3 Stacks used to. I had to listen to this again. It makes me think of this 1 girl I loved when I was young. Wsup Kui! Quotable: Now that we ain’t together/ Is this our new forever.

Raw (How You Like It)

I hope this is about unprotected sex. I think it is. He’s talking about meeting some girls in the club & loving the behind. I can’t make out what the chick singing is saying. Oh, if you like Common’s conscious side, you won’t like this. Shit is tight but then he starts to rap-sing like Mos Def, I mean Yasiin Bey. I’m confused. This can be a single.

Cloth ft James Fauntleroy II

Damn! I love No I.D.’s kick drums. James is back on this. Is he related to No I.D. or is he Com’s weed carrier. He’s flipping that phrase “cut from the same cloth”. It’s a desperate love song this one. I don’t care for it. Not saying that its bad, but dude tells the chick let’s have some cubs. Really Com? Really? Quotable: It’s 2 things/ that seems to hold us together/ God is our tailor & Forever.

Celebrate ft James Fauntleroy II

I love this. This is the perfect record for any party. A braai, a weed session, a sip down, a kiddie party, this is the anthem. James the weed carrier on the hook sounding like Joe (I bet the kids don’t know who Joe is. Fuck my life.) He says “this raw bitch comes in”. Could this be what he means in the other song? Raw?


Great strings on the intro but then James the weed carrier starts singing again. He’s flipping that phrase “the eyes are the window to the soul.” What is this? Literature class? SMH. No I.D. channels Kanye West for this. I like it. Common is an expert at rhyming from a chick’s perspective. Weird.

The Believer ft John Legend

No I.D. channels Kanye West again. This is conscious Common. The weed carrier didn’t sing this hook. John Legend instead bodies it. Quotable: Destiny’s children/ survivors soldiers/ In front of buildings they eyes look older/ hard to see blessings in a violent culture.

Pop’s Belief ft Lonnie “Pops” Lynn

The one thing that remains common about Common’s albums with the exception of “Can I borrow a dollar”, “Electric Circus” & “Universal Mind Control” which if you think about it, were quite un-Common, all pun intended. His father always does this spoken word thing at the end. Dope as always.

I love that Common got No I.D. for production on this. The beats are fresh yet the sound is still reminiscent of their other great collaboration, the classic “Resurrection”. This isn’t an album for fans who want Common’s old shit. If you want that, buy the old album. Common is a star, who’s achieved his dreams & wants you to do the same. Dream & Believe. Believe & Dream. I know I will.

Favorites: Sweet, Blue Sky, Lovin I lost,  Celebrate, Windows & The Believer.



10 Responses to “The Dreamer/ The Believer : Common Album Review”

  1. Now to bootlegg that shit…….props mayne

  2. Blue Sky and Celebrate are like the long race and the finish line.. Loved them.. Good stuff on the review.. Who is this chic Makeba Riddick though on Blue Sky? Let’s see which direction Nas and Common take on ‘’

    • Saliva Vic Says:

      Yeah…waiting on that Nas.Com. I think it should be great. Makeba is also known in the industry as Girl Wonder. She’s wrote Rihanna’s Rude Boy & Beyonce’s Get me bodied.


  3. great review, I love celebrate and Blue Sky. Common Is great!

  4. thing I like about James Fauntwhatever…is he has soul in his commonly placed voice. to the naked ear, you wouldn’t care that he’s in all those songs. Love this album.

  5. Ohhh i love this album and thanks Vic. I stumbled upon your review last week. Had just gotten the album from worldazitiz and now i have sampled it all —> thanks guys 🙂

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