Love & Protest : Eric Wainaina Album Review

I’m talkin about revolution – Tracy Chapman.

Revolution Time.

This one is all piano. I like the girl doing the background. According to the credits on my autographed CD its Noni Mburu. I think I might be in love. This song however is a very dull start even though it sets the theme of the album.

Sing Mercy.

It features the London Adventist Chorale. I love it from the jump off! The guitar is absolutely fabulous! Tim Rimbui produced this & it’s incredible. This is that dance with your girl rocking her headwrap & leso dress at Blankets & Wine type music.


This may be my favorite record on the album. Eric sings a strugglers’ anthem for all the young hustlers who want to make a better life for the ones they love. I am crying as I type this. I remember I lost a girlfriend who left me coz I didn’t have any money.  Nanjira on background. My future wife.

Other People’s Lives.

The guitar reminds me of Asa’s Jailer. Eric wrote & produced this. He speaks about the fake lives that most yuppies live. Twitter tells you who’s cool. The tabloids tell you who’s famous & the media basically tells you how to live. Wake up people! Live your life. Eric does that weird singing like an instrument thing at the end.

The Road.

This one features Senegal’s Baaba Maal. They use African’s way of giving directions. Take the corner after Mama Joe’s, turn left after you cross the road, go past the old woman selling mangoes. Oh! I’m actually dancing at the plantation as I play this!

Orutu Special.

Whoa! When Eric starts singing I think he’s speaking to me coz he says I don’t mind reggae, ragga & soca! All the music I used to play on radio. This is feel good music to just bounce to while you smoke your ganja or sip your whiskey. Nanjira again. She’s the lead singer in Ma3 band.


I knew a girl called Selina back in Uni. This makes me think of her. This is a record against violence against women. If you raise your hand to a woman you are a bigger coward than a Tupac fan at a Biggie concert! Or a AFC fan at Club Kuche Kuche. Haija! This song has a climax like a lingala song.

Baby Don’t Go.

This makes me think of the troops fighting in Somalia. I see these soldiers coming to the hospital wounded. My prayers go out to them. This song made me cry. The sad thing is that people join the army for a better life but some get a worse death.

Rain On You.

Is this nigga gonna sing acapella? Wait the piano just came on. I think this song is about a revolution. This is kind of boring. I like the message but it sucks. Neema sings background on this, maybe that’s the reason I don’t like it. I can’t stand that chick!

Isn’t It Funny.

Atemi plays the background. This sounds like Oliver Mtukudzi which is very cool! Is Eric singing about his debacle with Sheba & what’s her name? That singing chick from the reality show that he got pregnant…..Valerie Kimani. I’m just saying. I like this tune but it’s weird!

(Set The World) On Fire.

He does that thing where an artist gives a song 2 names i.e. (Set the world) On Fire. This song would sound great live. My future wife Nanjira sings background on this. Sema fantastic? There’s no justice in Nairobi. I agree. She should be my wife already.

Fancy Car.

This makes me so angry. This is the revolution! I think Eric should have had this as track 1. DJ Moz scratches on this. Does he want to be Kenya’s DJ Preemo? Epic Fail. Tim Rimbui should have done the cuts. Enovator knows his shit. Great record though.

Hii Ngoma (Twist).

He did the artist 2 name thing again. Wow! You can actually twist to this. It gets a bit monotonous toward the end though.


Bonus Track. Whoa! Eric does a cover of my favorite Mercy Myra record. What the fuck? It’s incredible, he gave the song beats. I only wish Mercy would have been around to record this as a duet.

I love this. With the exception of Rain on you, I wouldn’t skip any record on this album. Well done Eric. I only hope that he’ll be coming through for Blankets & Wine the coming weekend so that he can perform some of these records live. In case you were wondering, the artwork for the album was shot in Ngara, how gangsta is that?

By the way this picture is an alternative back cover with the songs arranged different vis-a-vis my autographed CD. I have to make that clear. Signed by the living legend himself.

You can follow Eric on the twitter @EricWainaina & peep his site by going to



6 Responses to “Love & Protest : Eric Wainaina Album Review”

  1. awesome review, the album is a must have…am getting mine this weekend.

  2. jewish matchmaking…

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  3. Love this review! Been a while since i was around here!

  4. this review made me get the whole album,,, mad lurv for Eric Wainaina and his amazing band. also Nakumatt lol

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