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It’s Never That Serious!!!

Posted in Alkahol, Hip Hop, Misadventures, Music on October 12, 2011 by Saliva Vic

Me/ I been all emcee since like ’73/ In South Philly with the ‘fridgerator empty/ I know the feeling of the whole world against me/ I know the feeling of the game tryna pimp me/ for real/ It never break me/ – Black Thought.

It’s been a minute since I wrote anything remotely related to my life so I figured what the fuck; let me catch you up on what’s going on. As you may know from following this blog that my life is anything but ordinary. This year has been full of drama like a soap opera with me in the lead role and a cohort of featured & recurring characters.

The year began with my dismissal from my radio gig. I was supposed to rise from those ashes like the Phoenix but when I was created they forgot to attach the manual on how I should go about that. I went through some things after that of course. It’s amazing what you mind conceives when you’re unemployed. I had all this time to think and evaluate my life and eventually had a renaissance of sorts!

Let me break it down. There is the all too common phrase in Nairobi that goes, “It’s never that serious.” I have turned it into an acronym that I commonly use on the twitter; INTS! I had never really looked at this phrase carefully until that fateful day in March. The day began when I hit the studio and recorded about 5 voice demos.  The studio was boring and so I headed out and sent some marketing job applications.

At the time I was living in this neighbourhood that had an off licence run by this gorgeous Rwandese lady and her hubby. It doubled up as a shop and so I popped over to buy some toilet paper but came out with a couple of bottles of the Jesus Juice!

When I got back to the crib I threw in one of my MP3 mixtapes, cracked open the Jesus Juice and began writing. After about half an hour nothing came to mind but one phrase; it’s never that serious! I decided to write it down as I rapped along to Pusha T’s freestyle on Funkmaster Flex.

As I laughed at the rhymes “Help my young bitch see her way through her bachelors/ while my old bitch went back to get her masters/ same graduation I was clappin in the rafters/ the truth hurts/ everytime it’s revealed/ what goes around comes around/ this is life’s ferris wheel/” it dawned on me. It was something akin to that moment of clarity that alcoholics experience. At that moment the Jesus Juice opened my mind’s eye the same way Jesus told the cripple to roll up (all pun intended) his mat and walk! I realized that no matter your situation, it is never that serious! Not even death!

Life is a cycle and everything happens for a reason & a season. We in Africa say it best, No situation is permanent! The best you can do in life is to appreciate every day, as this is the most precious gift we receive as human beings. In the words of the great Eminem, “Enough with the pissin n moanin/ whinin & bitchin”! There’s no time for that! If you’re having a shitty day, turn it around. There is always a plus; you just have to locate it.

Quit with the bogged down status updates on the facebook and depressing your followers on the twitter! A smile will attract a dozen more and soon the whole world will be smiling with you. These were all revelations that appeared to me that day in March in a small flat in Jamhuri courtesy of 2 bottles of Kenya’s finest Jesus Juice. I now share it with you because you know I’m all about spreading that love!

I leave you with a quotable rhyme from DMX, “We all got a star all we gotta do is find it/ and once you do/ everyone who sees it will be blinded”!

Grab that star, let it be the sunshine in your life. I’ve got mine in the palm of my hand & it’s dripping love, peace & joy! Enjoy your life today!