Imagine….NO MUSIC!!!!!

If I die young/ bury me in satin/ Lay me down on a bed of roses/ sink me in the river at dawn/ send me away with the words of a love song – The Band Perry.

I am a lover of music. All genres of music. I’ll listen to it if it sounds good to my ear even when I don’t understand the language. That’s just how beautiful, dynamic & universal music is to me. However I RARELY listen to country music. This morning I stumbled upon this song called “If I die young”.

This song won the Grammy this year for best country song and is by The Band Perry. If you’d like a listen, find it below.

If I die young – The Band Perry. 

This got me thinking. What would the world be like without music. It would obviously be a horrible place where we would all be in a rush to die young and this is why:

1. What would the gotdamn strippers dance to? Nothing makes for a good lap dance than some T-Pain “Make that booty work” coming through the speakers. Can you imagine a stripper rubbing her not so safe privates on your person to the sound of bottles clinking & murmurs from other patrons?

2. All movies would be like “No Country For Old Men”. The only movie I ever watched that had no music accompanying it. It was weird even though it worked surprisingly well for the film. But can you imagine “Pretty Woman” without the classic soundtrack? Transformers which is a shitty movie would be even shittier minus the music.

3. There would be no rappers! Tupac would be alive, working as an actor but Jay-Z & Notorious B.I.G would probably be dead or in prison. Twitter would suck without 50 Cent & Joe Budden. However, Drake would still be acting which I think is a good thing…right?

4. Maqbul would probably be the Kenya’s favorite presenter. Why? Maqbul has the peculiar penchant to sing when he talks. No? Maybe it’s just me then. In a world without music people would all listen to him to talk in this manner that sounds almost melodic. How would they know melody? *Kanye shrug*

5. Rockstars wouldn’t exist. The 27 Club would never have come to fruition coz Kurt Cobain would have died earlier, so would have Janis Joplin & Amy Winehouse. Jim Morrison might have lived longer & become the 20th Century Edgar Allan Poe.

6. DJs would have regular jobs. I can just imagine probably they’d work as cooks in restaurants spinning the Chapati or at Nakumatt digging in the crates to stock up the shelves! I know…I know…laaaaaaaaaaame!!!! I find it funny though.

Of course there’s plenty more unpleasant things about a world with no music but that’s all I’ve got time for right now. I need to go back to working like a Hebrew slave building the pyramids.

Here’s a great song! The best song ever! Helena Beat by Foster The People.



2 Responses to “Imagine….NO MUSIC!!!!!”

  1. Nothings greater than music……….it makes the world go round

  2. This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something that helped me.
    Thank you!

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