Old Man Rap vs Young Man Rap

“Tell him I just want my racks/ racks on racks on racks/ lay backs on backs on backs on backs on bachs/ who in that/oh shit, its just blacks on blacks on blacks/ hundred stack/ how you get it/ nigga layin raps on tracks/ I wish I could give you this feelin/ I’m plankin on a million” – The Throne bka Jay-Z & Kanye West.

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The most hyped album of 2012 finally made its way into the ears of every music lover & their mother and its audio crack to some but to others, its absolute rubbish!

As I listened to Watch The Throne with the rest of the world, it drew my attention to the striking difference between Old Man Rap (OMR) & Young Man Rap (YMR)! First off let me break down what each term means just to put you up on game. What follows are the characteristics of YMR:

1. Thumping beats. I’m talking knocking pictures of the wall, car alarm setting off, super 808 heavy beats! Examples are Hard in the paint by my man Waka Flocka & 9Piece by the obese law enforcer Rick Ross. These joints are usually best produced by Lex Luger, Southside, Zaythoven & The Runners.

2. Fantastic rhymes. By fanatastic I do not mean clever rhymes with superb delivery but rather rhymes that are pure fantasy bordering on the ridiculous. This characteristic makes YMR quite entertaining. Tell me you didn’t enjoy it when Rick Ross said on the fantastic John Doe “Ugh/ I just parked the caddy in the living room”. I would love to do some shit like that, wouldn’t you? Shit, I want to sleep with Sanaa Lathan in a room full of money out in London as she screams!

3. Tech Savvy. YMR is very tech savvy from the lyrics to production. Let me explain. Their lyrics will always mention iPhones, twitter, iPad, Wii, blogs, basically anything that has to do with the digital age. Rick Ross who I must say is the King of YMR  spits “I’m sellin dope straight off the iPhone” on 9Piece. Fabolous rhymes real nice on Motivation “I follow what you sayin/ you ain’t got to twitter shit”. Woe unto you if you aren’t familiar! The production also features autotune, space sounds & all sorts of weird special effects, the shit is like a movie! Fire flame indeed!

4. Singing. The one thing I absolutely cannot stand in my rap music is when the rapper starts singing. What are r&b singers for fellaz? I could stand Ja Rule then 50 Cent started singing & finally came along that girl Drake! This kid is solely to blame f0r J Cole singing, Big Sean & even Lil Wayne singing like a bunch of kindergarten girls playing Ring a Ring o roses! Drake threatens you while singing & harmonising shit & you’re supposed to take it seriously? 

With that said, here are the characteristics of OMR:

1. Sample heavy beats. OMR keeps it old school using samples that are outrageously rare to find. The likely culprits in this kind of production are Kanye West, DJ Premier, Pete Rock & 9th Wonder.

2. Thematically Dark. I don’t know what it is about OMR but the theme is usually dark and ominous. Even the OMR songs that are about having fun must have some darkness. Take for example Naughty by Nature’s Feel me flow. Treach just had to say “Coming from the town of Illy & alleys/ are full of phillies & rallys suckers get/ silly as Sally then found in alleys/ I’m rowdy really/”. One minute we were dancing the next minute we’re killing dudes?

3. Intricate flows & heavy lyrics. OMR doesn’t go the easy nursery rhyme way of its counterpart YMR. It’s almost as if the harder it is to write & deliver that rhyme the better it sounds.  On Nasty, Nas rhymes “Any rebuttal to what I utter get box-cuttered/ Count how many bad honeys I slut/ it’s a high number/Name a nigga under the same sky that I’m under/ Who gets money, remain fly, yeah, I wonder” This shit is damn near a tongue twister!

4. Skits & Interludes. OMR albums will always contain skits that are usually humorous or at least interludes. The interludes are usually throw away beats like Dilla, Pete Rock & Black Milk are accustomed to doing on their albums. YMR always lacks this, its alm0st as if the label tells these kids its a waste of studio time and beats, that cost more than all their fantasy cars put together, in today’s rough economy!

Why did I take time out to write this? The Throne has tried to blend the two, OMR & YMR with surprising results. Jay-Z sounds odd on the space like “Lift Off” and Ye fades away on Hit Boy’s banging beat on “Niggaz in Paris”. Dude doesn’t even say “Crazy” he says “Cray” which comes off  as an attempt to sound cool.

They manage to ride RZA’s beat real well to give us the dope ass “New Day” & “Welcome to the jungle” produced by Swizz Beatz. The fantastic rhymes are all over this album just take your pick, even the King of YMR, Rick Ross would have never said he’s planking on a million!

Conclusion is that Watch The Throne is a win for both lovers of Old Man Rap & Young Man Rap. It also made me realise that the future is upon us & there will be a new King of rap if & when YMR completely takes over. That King is this kid Meek Mill, check out I’m a boss! This jam knocks like a muhfugga! When the kid spits I can’t help but think of Jay-Z back in 1996!

If you like OMR you can always listen to Nick who plays that Golden Age rap every night on Hot 96. If YMR is your kind of bag most def the queen Corine plays that on HBR 915 every night. If you’re into new school OMR then the Cypher is what you need to rock to on Capital FM Saturday evening & Hits Not Homework on Wednesday night. But for that underground OMR & Kenyan hip hop check out Hip Hop Republik on Ghetto Radio 89.5 on Tuesday night.



2 Responses to “Old Man Rap vs Young Man Rap”

  1. Well said ma man, Well Said……

  2. Hahahaha come on son, it’s better than half the garbage other rappers are vomiting for us…

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