Why I don’t mess with pharmaceuticals

“At night I can’t sleep/ toss & turn/ candle sticks in the dark/ visions of bodies being burned/” – Scarface

I have always been a light sleeper. Unless of course I pass out from the sauce, then not even the wildebeest migration running through my room could wake me! Being a light sleeper has been made worse by the fact that I am also slightly insomniac. This has banished me to 3 decades of maximum 5 hour sleep on a good night. Last night, I was having one of those nights when every little noise stirred me up & I couldn’t fall asleep for the life of me.

It’s a well known fact that I don’t mess with pharmaceuticals but since with my new work schedule I value those 5 hours of sleep I decided to pop some pills to lay me to rest. No Amy! I took the pills then flipped to my favorite rock station and lay on the mattress replaying last night’s Soy Tu Duena episode over & over in my head. I can’t believe that Ivana killed the nanny as a result of her current psychosis! But that’s a story for another day. What I want to talk about are the dreams that I had when the pills kicked in.

First off, I was back in high school, not as a student but as a resident! For some odd reason I lived in a container (you know the kind 18 wheeler trucks tow around) in Dagoretti High School’s compound! I owned a huge television that was not inside the container but rather at a petrol station located at the school’s gate so I was watching it in open air. The show I was watching was called “Weeds” but not the regular one, this featured 2 Spanish women who hunted ghosts.

As I watched the T.V. out in the open air, all of a sudden the pitch I was sitting on came to life and from below climbed out an American Football team that was made up of mutated zombies. True story, I kid you not the zombies had mutated arms that had turned into lobster claws, others had mutated faces that resembled goats with shattered mandibles!  As I made a break for it toward the TV at the petrol station, I ran into my brother who was driving a Vitz!

What was alarming was that he was dressed in Speedos and he was using his massive legs as the motor power behind the tiny vehicle that had his son in the backseat! By now I was completely freaked out but then from the container emerged something worse! A street urchin who had to be about 6’1 popped out covered in shit! Yes, he was covered in human waste, and not the nice brown kind, no! He was covered in that Guinness flavored, dark brown almost black, steaming, stinking shit!

He offered me his hand & I immediately ran towards the football players who were now being led by a black dude who reminded me of Papa Shango! The black guy kept chanting numbers in a ghostly manner as the football players charged towards me & that’s when I heard the Foo Fighters’ Learn to fly playing real loud & it woke me up! God bless my alarm tone.

This is what I learned. Pharmaceutical use after watching a Spanish soap featuring a psychotic woman & then reading about Plaxico Buress joining the New York Jets will result in some pretty fucked up dreams!

Some tuneage! I am really feeling this Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks. Have a good night kids!



3 Responses to “Why I don’t mess with pharmaceuticals”

  1. U guy good stuff, why do the other readers just ghost in and out

  2. Bottle your humour. its rare.

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