A.M.Y (Amy, Me & You)

I take a shot of Hennessy now I’m strong enough to face this madness/ nickel bag full of sess weed laced with hash – 2Pac

I had my 1st weekend off work 3 days ago and so my girlfriends & I went on a bender on Friday. It was an all out Skins Party! I’m talking DEFCON 1 debauchery! In the midst of the madness, one of my girls took me to task as to how I could write a blog dedicated to music & drug use and not mention the passing of Amy Winehouse!

Immediately I was inspired to write a poem dedicated to the memory of Amy Winehouse. This is my perspective on her lifestyle and your lifestyle for that matter, if you’ve ever been in that dark place where many never make it out of but some, such as myself, manage to by the skin of the teeth. Pardon me if it ain’t all that, considering the copious amount of alkahol I consumed to the point I drunk texted my old boss, I think it’s pretty good. What do you think?


Look at me, what do you see? Talent, genius, an embodiment of G.O.D?

I’m exactly like you, only thing different, my soul too fiery.

I wish I could be like you, but that wouldn’t be me, I’d be a fraud…a fake…& I don’t do phony!

I remember a time when I couldn’t wait to wake up & create….

Tuneage: Adam’s Song – Blink 182

These days, I dread being awake…you see I’m alive but I’m a corpse unless I’m in that state.

The only way I know I’m alive is when I bleed…indeed,

The pain of everyday, the madness, is a heavy cross to bear,

And I’m not Jesus, wasn’t built for this, my dream is your nightmare!

My thoughts, my ideas, no longer my own…but rather noises of voices wrecking my dome.

Tuneage: Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

The only time I’m at peace is when I drown them out…

Pills, needles, bottles, powder as white as the earth in a drought…

Look at me, what do you see? A loser…a fool…a waste?

Please pause before you judge me in haste.

I am exactly like you, I’m no liar, only thing different, my soul is on fire!

I regret that this was inspired by our dear soul sister’s death but addiction & recovery are topics that those who’ve been through rarely talk about. However, I feel that in order to exorcise these demons you have to call them out, Jesus style.

This post is also dedicated to:

Musa – Captain, I always think you’re going to call me then I remember He called you home & I can’t wait to get there & chill with you.

Quinn – Babes…I know that there are no bullies in heaven or silly principals giving you shit. I’ll see you when I get there.

Ngoks – My nigga, you flew off that balcony like we used to fly off that vodka, I’m sure your flying with Jesus & B.I.G.

Amy Winehouse – Thank you for the music & the inspiration. I don’t think you’re dead coz the music is still here. This is how I choose to remember you babes.

Tuneage: In my bed – Amy Winehouse



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