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My Theme Music

Posted in Alkahol, Hip Hop, Music, Women on July 18, 2011 by Saliva Vic

“If revolution had a movie I’d be theme music” – Common

It’s a funny thing, music, and what it can do to you. Music can take you back to a different time when things were so simple; within the same breathe, music can take you to when times were difficult & make you relive the pain. In this way it has come to mean a lot to me. Music. I often brag that if they make a movie about me, the most difficult hurdle would be in picking the soundtrack (yes, harder than rewriting the dialogue to get a PG13 rating, folks).

It’s for sure that the director will need an epic soundtrack to go along with the extraordinary script provided by the screenwriter. I recall a show that took Nairobi by storm back in the 90s, about this quirky lawyer who heard different songs playing in her head depending on her mood. She referred to these songs as her theme music, once she mastered how to control them of course, and in a way I am much like her today.

Quirky, check! Delusional, check! Skinny, half a check! And like her, the soundtrack to my life is just as awesome! Therefore, like Ally McBeal who did before me, I present to you, my theme music.

T.R.O.Y by Pete Rock & CL Smooth has to be undoubtedly my favorite rap song of all time! As much as its my favorite song it also brings back sad memories of friends that I’ve lost. When I listen to those horns, I almost shed a tear each time.

Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to heaven is my get high theme music. Whenever I want to have myself a sippy sip & Kenya Power are acting stingy with the power I already bought, this comes on in my head. I have never truly deciphered the song’s meaning but when Jimmy Page’s guitar solo kicks in I go dumb!

Hey there Delilah by The Plain White T’s has to be the song that creates a cocktail of emotions in my soul. This record takes me back to falling in love, and the promises I made as well as the pain of love lost due to lack of faith. It also gives me hope of a better day when all my dreams come true but also anxiety as to when I will make them come true.

The world is yours is my favorite cut from the classic Illmatic album. The whole album brings up feelings of optimism! To be young & have the whole world at your feet ready for you to conquer! This is my theme music when I’ve got a new project I’m excited about. Whenever I’m writing & recording a demo this is what runs through my head. The strings alone are enough to get me amped!

It’s like that. Off the bat this is one of Hov’s most underrated records. This is my #winning record! This is the theme music to my life when things fall into place. You know, that moment when like Hannibal I smile & say, “I love it when a plan comes together”.

With or without you. I was a baby when this song came out. It’s the record that introduced me to U2, a band that I consider to be the greatest in the entire world. I owe this song for making me fall in love with rock & roll as a genre. This is the theme music when I’m having issues with my girl. It usually brings back memories of my longest & most turbulent relationship.

The beat to this song alone just puts a smile on my face. Camp Lo’s Luchini aka This is it from their classic debut Uptown Saturday Night is my take me out to the club record. I hear this song & imagine a club full of hot women & buying whiskey by the bottle while doing shooters in between.

Another happy song for me is R.E.M’s Shiny happy people. The music is brilliant. If you’re having one of those days where you feel like committing a homicide or even worse, suicide, put this record on. The glee with which Michael Stipe recorded this just warms my heart & I forget my troubles.

The most nonsensical song ever written has to be Smells like teen spirit but the way Kurt Cobain delivered it was genius! When I’m in the mood for some exercise or I’m walking this is the theme music. The riffs get me amped as Kurt screams the hook. This is that good fight music.

Once in a while I get into a reflective mood where I just zone out & ponder about life. When I do so, as I sip something alcoholic from my plastic tumbler this is the record I put on. Mr. DJ killed it on production, the beat is haunting & the lyrics make me analyse my own life. This is the record that puts me in the zone. God bless OutKast & Slick Rick for Da Art of Storytellin!