Forget trees, I hug music : The You Tube Version

I’m number 1 sorry I lied/ I’m number 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 – KRS ONE

I listen to more music than the next guy and my taste is pretty eclectic but one a joint is good it’s solid. I therefore took time out to pick from You Tube the jams that stay on rotation in my head. Here goes my top picks!

I want to kick it off with a throwback. The frontman of this group created Gorillaz & is one of a handful of artists who sounds the exact same way live as he does in the booth. Damon Alburn. It’s Blur’s Song 2.

Now into the songs that are killing it for me right now. At number 5 it’s my man Jimmy aka The Capo. Say what you may but this joint is ridiculous. I love it. Chant with me “Everybody Jones, everybody Jones, erry erry erry”

“She was hot but I didn’t sweat her/ Coz I’m way too cool you can get a sweater/” – Jim Jones YIIIIIIICK! Moving along here’s the man who calls himself a twitter gangsta, timeline strangler! It’s none other than Rick Ross. This one just gets me in the zone! Selling dope straight off the iPhone? Damn!

MJG bitch I got 8 balls! – Rick Ross What do you know about that young’n! Well after that I change it up a bit  for number 3 with one of my favorite songs right now! This is by The Ark. It’s titled Breaking up with God & I absolutely love the lyrics! Here you go.

“Sword of Damocles/ or at least I thought it was/ had me on my kness/ that’s when I saw it had the shape of a cross” – The Ark. Almost at the top of my playlist is none other than the King of R&B no Trey Songz. My man R.Kelly. I couldn’t find the video but for your listening pleasure here’s Love Letter.

Now that I’ve got you in the mood for love. This is one of the best songs I have listened to in a hot minute! This woman’s voice is incredible and her lyrics are so personal I dare you to say you’ve never gone through this! To all the women I disappointed in life this one was written for you. It’s Adele with Someone like you.

To all the women I used to date/ bang that I keep seeing on the wedding show you’ll always be in my heart when I listen to Adele. Wow! Fuck what you heard, trees don’t make the world beautiful, music does.

Bonus. This kid is out of South Africa & this song is incredibly melodic. He’s called Kwesta and this is definitely bubbling under for my top 5!



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