Bitch I’m getting money! – T Pain

Here I am chilling at the computer looking at these people I inspired talking shit about what they no nothing about but I’m cool. I have made a well informed decision to start blogging again. So here we go. My 1st post was supposed to be about Fear of God but my bootlegging WAYS have failed.

Now here’s what absurd.

1. Lil Wayne claims he does’nt drink or sm0ke anymore!

2. Media  Madness claims he’s a dude!

3. Fareed Khemani wasn’t nominated for a CHAT award!

4. Fear of God isn’t an album but a mixtape!

5. Rap Damu gets mad airplay on Kiss Tv!

6. This idiot says he loves rock music yet he can’t cop his own music GTFOH!

7. I haven’t blogged in 3 months!

8. Twitter have hired back it’s former CEO. There had to be a reson you got rid of him in the 1st place!

9. Chao thinks Jeff rules twitter! Negro please! Chao is finer than a muhfucka though!

10. Collo ni King wa rap! Really?



2 Responses to “Absurd”

  1. Hahahaha welcome back bro

  2. Hahaha, mulika that blogger! http://bit.ly/fhDJCF I mean, he put u on blast for 2 days straight!

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