The Kingdom of Rust

“I ain’t got no maybe baby/ but I’ve been living the good life lately” – Donnis

Hey yall! It’s been a minute and then some! Many of you who used to read this blog follow me on the twitter so I won’t have much catching up to do. For those who don’t or for those who are new to the blog here’s the short version. I have been away on one of the most exciting expeditions of my life! I was monogamous for 3 years & enjoyed the love of a good woman. My professional life took a complete 180! My drinking habits changed & my love affair with tobacco begun all over again.

That said I want to begin posting on this blog once again! Bella is back with a shitload to speak about from music, women, alkahol, the social scene and of course the realest niggaz quotes that always accompany every post. Shit! I’m feeling so good about writing again I may even go out and rock a pair of skinnys! Yeah right!

Well until we meet next time which I promise will be soon, here’s a parting gift courtesy of Di Teacha! Watch what my weekend will be like…minus the corvette…minus the lovely view…minus the Street Vybz Rum! *Cough* Ahem…the girl will be there though!



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