Natuma Salaams Kwa Esther Arunga

“Keep bad mind outta mi heart/ Keep negative outta me thought” – Konshens

As my dear sister from another mother, Esther Arunga, goes through whatever phase this is she’s going through, I stumbled on a record that might guide her onto the right path. My sister, Esther, can you remember back in the day when we would go shagz as kids and all our relatives would gather around the transistor radio to listen to the shout out radio show.

They weren’t known as shout outs back then but rather, “Salaams”. I wish to big you up in the same way and send you a shout out. Naitwa Bella na ningependa kutuma salamu kwake Esther Arunga, aliye huko Finger of God, ningependelea kumwambia asikize nyimbo ya Konshens iitwayo “The Realest Song” na atii hayo mambo Konshens anazungumzia.



10 Responses to “Natuma Salaams Kwa Esther Arunga”

  1. ha ha gud one for our queen hope atasoma.

  2. good one!

  3. nice song. first time i heard this konshens. writing and repeating the words make me realize it is sound like conscience. i was also reading and watching youtube about this esther arunga affair. is this girl jaluo? from kogwelo? is related to the other family from that area?

    we need to know the fate of this girl now that they have arrested her. keep us posted if you hear anything new on this case. if esther returns your salaams, could you ask her to contact me? i wonder if she still remembers me.

    sydney, nw

  4. matendechere Says:

    big up

  5. brok3ncyde Says:

    ordely esse!

  6. Diamond ceciliah Says:

    Lmfao…no offense.pwahahaha…
    If i were her mama ad gve her a gud spankn n tel her to go to her room till 2013..i remember ma mama wud tel me’hizo pembe umemea unataka kuonyesha nani?’ lol.

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