Raise your glasses!

“I hope you ain’t tongue kissing your spouse/ coz I be fuckin her in the mouth” – Jadakiss

I’m typing this at about 12pm. I have been awake for the last 9 hours; technically my day should be over. However, if you were to spot me at your friendly neighbourhood supermarket buying some of that nice brown liquor for cheap, I bet you would tell me that it’s too early. That’s why I always say that every man’s time of choice to crack open a bottle is relative. I honestly feel like cracking one open but I’ll have to wait till the weekend for that.

I however just had to write today because I am as happy as a horny high school student who just got into that strip club Liddo’s for the first time. I have been gossiping all over the internets and loving it! I usually used to be up on the dodgy shit that goes on in this beautiful city of Nairobi. However, I have been out of touch over the past year and a half. Today I read this blog post and decided to ask around a bit on twitter and facebook.

I was amazed at all the messages that came through my inbox and how many people were discussing this chick’s business on twitter! I asked around the office and all of a sudden people were telling me all the details that they swore were first hand. I have been laughing my ass off real hard and once I was through with that, I decided to post this as a show of appreciation to the internets. Let me explain.

I love gossip just like the next dude and I love it even more when the story turns out to be true. However, thanks to the internets, gossip spreads faster than a drunk chick spreads her legs after a round of “Muthoni Blue Streaks” at Mwenda’s (if you aren’t familiar with this, you must still have a liver that functions). It took me approximately half an hour to get all the details on this story with promises of even more juicy details. I have no clue what we did in the 80s without blogs, google, twitter, facebook, you tube and the internets as a whole!

Thank you World Wide Web! Let’s make a toast to the internets as you jam to this.



5 Responses to “Raise your glasses!”


  2. Yeah I def smell you on this one! Back in them days, dudes such as ourselves had barbershops and street corners where we would get our juicy storos from but I guess now we’ve evolved and sh*t!
    Btw Im hearing this Arunga storo for the first time from your blog. Watever else that comes your way, be sure to share that sh*t, aight!


  3. i am still laughing my ass off at that Arunga story!!!!

  4. Lmao! Great stuff… It’s been awhile, glad you’re back…

  5. br()k3ncyde Says:

    superblog mate!…. fresh az hell.

    br()k3ncyde aka. blackstar.

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