New On My Playlist…Big Tune!!!!

When you’re chilling at the crib on a weekend, and you have no money but you’re craving a booze more than a spider monkey wants to jerk off and just then your best buddy since you started imbibing shows up with a bottle of Maasai, that’s your man! These other dudes and chicks who you will later buy for drinks at the bar when you’ve got money aren’t worth that shit! The latter inspires songs like this. This is a blazing hot real talk record.

When someone helps you out in an endeavour and then you fail to acknowledge them or even shout them out when things are going well, it’s a bad look and might even result in bad karma. We must all pay what we owe. When we don’t, it inspires records like this. I will not be surprised if they are alrady dropping bombs on that record, that is a big tune!

My favorite one of the two is the Charly Black version, here is the video.



3 Responses to “New On My Playlist…Big Tune!!!!”

  1. lol…you are one crazy chipmunk i love your blog

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