Work Hard! Play Hard!

“While you imitating Al Capone/ I’ll be Nina Simone/ and defecating on your microphone/” – Lauryn Hill aka L-Boogie

Today I ran into an interview on Tim Westwood’s channel from You tube. You may want to peep it for yourself. If you happen to be on a crappy computer or a crappy connection as is common in this country of ours, then I’ll let you in on it. This is the video of what was to be Lil Wayne’s final interview before he went to prison but that wasn’t to be as you know by now.

Due to that grill that must be removed before he goes to prison, Weezy is still free, at least until March. That however, isn’t the topic of conversation here. What I wanted to speak on is Wayne’s demeanour in the video. My colleague who watched it with me thought that Wayne was high, however I see different. The dude looks seriously tired from grinding. Is it just me? No, another colleague who gets high as I and Weezy do, concurred and thought that he looked tired as well.

As a person who loves being on another level of consciousness by imbibing intoxicating substances, I must say Weezy at best was tipsy, or just a little dusted but he was tired from working hard to put out as much music as possible before going to prison. That work ethic that Weezy possesses is something we must all aspire to acquire in our lives.

If you can identify something you love, you owe it to yourself and that craft to perfect it and work as hard as hell to do it to the best of your ability. The Lord gives us gifts in the form of talents and we must develop these talents into skills that we can use to benefit ours and above all, the lives of others. Today as you go about whatever it is you do, please give it your best, because at the end of the day you will always know within yourself whether or not you give it the full hundred. Your superior may not know, but you will, and are you okay with betraying your God given talent in that manner, by doing a half ass job?

I felt that I should put that out there. I leave you with something to jam to, I know I have ridiculed him in the past, but listen to the second verse where Soulja Boy says, “Work till you can’t work no more.” Besides, it has the biggest pay off, coz when you work hard, you play hard!



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