Give Thanks Everyday

“I’m an artist so I’ve got to have a bad collection” – B.o.B aka Bobby Ray

I woke up to the sound of three gunshots today that had my heart racing at 4 in the morning. I immediately gave thanks to the Lord for enabling me to see another day. I then decided to take stock of what I was thankful for and it was an awful lot! We take our lives and what we have for granted most of the time because we are always craving more.

I decided sometime back to be thankful for every little thing that I have or receive because somewhere on this big blue planet there is someone who will be without that one thing that you’ve neglected. Take for example, when you woke up this morning, how many of you reading this bitched about having to bath/ shower with cold water or having to fetch the water because it wasn’t running from the shower/ tap?

How many of you wished for a different breakfast than what was before you? How many bitched about the matatu ride or the traffic jam on the road? How many of you complained about the noise at the city centre or the subpar building where your work? These are only a few examples where you could have been thankful for water to bathe as there are people with no water to drink, let alone the luxury of a bath.

You could have been thankful of the food as others in places like Haiti go hungry. You could have been thankful for a road network and the peace and stability that enables you to travel in public to work. You could have taken time to be thankful for the sense of hearing and sight and while at it thanked the heavens for having a means of gainful employment.

Nas once said “Life is what you make it.” If you spend your time and hence most of your life being negative, then your life WILL suck! Take it from someone who was negative for most of his life on earth. I have developed a new positive attitude that is working and I can guarantee you that if you try it, it will work in your favour.

As you go about your business, be positive and most of all, be thankful for everything you receive and possess, tangible or intangible. Here’s something to jam to that gets me in the mood I need to be in when I begin my day.



6 Responses to “Give Thanks Everyday”

  1. Word… Made me think.. I haven’t been grateful for a minute..

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Always good to see others grow, it only serves to inspire more personal growth.. Good for you!xx

  3. its been a minute since i was here, well said my friend well said

  4. I can see the Transformations are taking place on paper too!!! well on!!

  5. Getting into 2010 with a new outlook on life, is all….

  6. @ bella – we learn new stuff everyday. I once lived in negative-ville too not too long ago. the moment I decided to be positive, things just work out fine. we fall off the wagon every once in while but that’s human. the most important is to get on up and walk on. all the best

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