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Alkahol = Inspiration

Posted in Alkahol, Hip Hop, Misadventures on January 22, 2010 by Saliva Vic

“Off a cup of CJ Gibson/ man I’m faded off the brown/ and I’m easily influenced by the niggaz I’m around/” – Drake

I’ve been away from the blog for a minute! You can blame it on the twitter! My newest addiction really, the NEW CNNGOOGLE! But on the real, the culprit is the alkahol!  Blame it on the alkahol that I don’t write here as frequent. Let me expound. I started writing this blog when I was a hardcore drinker! I used to drink everyday and go clubbing like a mofo.

I have since reformed and I don’t go out clubbing anymore unless it’s a serious function. I also only drink on the weekends only. My alkaholik intake has severely reduced due to matters both financial and personal. I am however a better man who has “seen the light” like my name was Saul and I was on my way to Damascus.

However, I must add that, I might not drink on the weekdays but I still do drink on the weekend and bwoy when me and the boys make our run down to the local supermarket and get a bottle of the “Brown”, we get faded Drake style. My new nickname is “oh shit” and if you want to know how that came about, pray that I get more alkahol in me so that I can blog again.

As you go by your weekend…..know this…..Drake may be called Aubrey….he may be Canadian….he may have been a soap actor…..but that kid is sick with the rhymes…those who are familiar with models & spirits can decipher the line he spit on Birdman’s for my town which jumped off this post. Get inspired. Drink brown liquor. (Sidebar: I need an endorsement deal with these liquor companies).