“Life is better, now that, I’ve found you” – Norah Jones on Q-Tip’s Life Is Better

I watch the credits roll up the screen at the end of the Filipino soap I just finished watching on one of the local channels. I mute the TV and turn up the volume on Q-Tip’s Renaissance that I just pressed play on in the CD changer. The night time is the best time to enjoy the music I think as I throw back a shot of cheap brandy. It hits the back of my throat and works its way down my gullet as the effects go straight to my head. I need a cigarette.

I grab my menthols and a matchbox. Pausing the music and switching on the lights, I make my way down the stairs. I try not to wake anyone else, walking on the tip of my toes as the wooden staircase creaks with every step I take. The clock on the wall says that it’s half an hour past midnight as I turn the key to unlock the door and I step outside. The night air is divine. I take it in as I pull the door shut behind me. It feels as if the darkness cleanses the air of all the pollutants that are present in it during the light.

I take a seat on the garden chair that stands on the concrete that was once green and spark the cancer stick between my lips. I drag; inhale, exhale and watch the smoke vanish into the air. Funny, it’s kind of like the memories of friends that I have had & lost or lost touch with over the years. I recall only a handful now. The blame may lie on a number of things but mainly the drugs that consume the memories but stimulate inspiration. All the places I have been and all the things that I have done all I ever retain is the experience. I may not recall minute details but I vividly remember the feeling.

The wind turns the pages that lay before me reminiscent of life’s experiences. The night then becomes deathly quiet as the cars have stopped whizzing by on the highway. The moon disappears. The cigarette burns down to the filter and my high comes down. The inspiration stops. The night breeze no longer hits my face as if to say that the wind has gone to sleep. Sleep. How I long to sleep. I’ve been out here long enough.



3 Responses to “THE LONELY STONER”

  1. amazing piece bro! especially the last verse..

  2. thinaddict Says:

    Poetic in essence… The rest, i reserve my comment

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