The Queen Mother

“Just working with the scraps you were given/ my mama made miracles every thanksgiving/” – 2Pac

I was thinking about 2Pac today. Most of you know that I am a hip hop fan and therefore this comes as no surprise. However I only love one album by 2Pac, “Me against the world”, and one album by his alter ego, Makaveli, “The Don Killuminati”. The reason for this is that these albums’ lyrics transcended Pac’s wack ass flow and I relate to most of the records on both albums. 2pac came to mind today as I watched this Naija movie called My Story. It got me thinking about the most important woman in a boy’s life, the queen 2Pac immortalized in song, Dear Mama.

I was thinking about the way a mother deeply affects the decisions that a young man makes with regards to dating and marriage. You see, there I was seated there with my mom watching this amazing 3 part Naija epic where the mother to this poor chap torments her daughter in law because she isn’t from the same class/ pedigree as her and her son. The dude had been raised solely by the mother and as such, homeboy was still a mama’s boy just as numerous young men in Nairobi are.

As we were regaled by this tale, my mom played the full protagonist and I the antagonist, as always. My mom was really rooting for this ass clown to leave his mother’s house so that he can live happily ever after with the ghetto girl. I was for the idea that, were it a real life scenario it could never happen. Picture this; the dude manages his mother’s businesses, lives in his mother’s mansion and on top of all that, was raised by this single mother. How in God’s name does a mama’s boy like that turn his back on all that wealth and the woman he has known all his life?

This will get me in trouble with the likes of Ciru Muiruri who want men with balls the size of watermelons, but the truth is that mommy dearest will turn any man into a little bitch! Sans balls! Our mothers always know our weaknesses and will never hesitate to exploit these weaknesses to get us to do their bidding. I am not married but I have dated my fair share of women who mama didn’t approve of. As much as I never broke up with any of them due to that reason, mama’s opinion always made it that much easier to exit when the boredom kicked in. I’m just saying.

It might seem like it’s a bitch move from a lady’s point of view but best believe that if the shoe was on the other foot and daddy was telling his little girl how much of a loser I was, she’s bolt like Usain from the relationship. There’s an upside to this Maternal/ Paternal pressure however. I have come to realize as I get older, I care less and less about external pressure from not only my mama but even from my peers. I bow more to internal pressure from my desires and dreams, what I need to achieve for me. I hope the same goes for everyone.

I now wonder what the point of this post was. I think it was to encourage you to watch more African shit and listen to positive music.



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