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Hip Hop Quotable

Posted in Hip Hop, Music on September 11, 2009 by Saliva Vic

Taking you back to the days The Source rocked, Hip Hop Quotable:

“I was gon kill a couple rappers but they did it to themselves/ I was gon do it wit the flow, but they did it wit they cells/ I was gon 9/11 ‘em, but they didn’t need the help/ and they did a good job the boys jus talented as hell/ coz not only did they brick, they put a building up as well/ then ran a plane into that building and when that building fell/ ran to the crash site with no mask and inhaled/ toxics deep inside they lungs until both of them was fail/ blew a cloud out like an L/ into a jar, then took a smell/ coz they heard that second hand smoke kills/ niggaz thought they was ill/ found out they was ILL/ and it was like you knew exactly how I wanted you to feel/

This is the 3rd Verse on Thank You from Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3. I just had to share this.



The Blueprint 3 – Jay-Z Album Review

Posted in Hip Hop, Music, Music Reviews on September 11, 2009 by Saliva Vic

“For the colour of money like a Tom Cruise flick/ Except I put eight balls on corners without using pool sticks” – Jay-Z

What we talking bout feat Luke

This is the “keeping it real” joint. A great introduction to the older Jay Z who’s not willing to go back and shuns his and other rappers youthful asinine lyrics. It prepares you for the mature content (read: how ridiculously wealthy and dope he is)

Thank you


I love the production on this one the minute the beat drops. It’s reminiscent of 90’s golden era summer rap music, very Kaygee-esque. The production credits go to Ye and No I.D. This is the most quotable song on the whole record. Absolutely brilliant. I hope the rest of the album keeps this tempo. Only Hov can get his brag swag on to a thousand trillion and sound modest.


This is the single that dropped and changed my mind about this album being another piece of crap like Kingdom Come. Stellar production by No I.D, gutter lyrics speaking on what was on every rap fan’s mind.

Run This Town feat Rihanna & Kanye West

This is Jay’s most successful single to date, topping charts in the UK and US. Apart from Ye & No I.D.’s beats on this and Ye’s verse, the song is sub par. Jay spits so lazy and Ri Ri just annoys the crap out of me like nails on a chalk board. FFWD to Ye’s verse and skip to the next track.

Empire State of Mind feat Alicia Keys

I love the production by relatively new kid on the block, Al Shux, definitely head bobbing music mayne! This is the soundtrack to New York, Jay paints a picture of his home town in a way that only he could. I feel like this is the 5th Ave version of N.Y. State of mind by Nas.

Real As It Gets feat Jeezy

This beat sounds like that one song on The Inspiration, “What you taking bout”. It’s very laid back, bang it in your whip music. It’s not anything classic but has some good lines, “Hov’s the audio equivalent of Braille/ that’s why they feel me in the favelas in Brazil”

On To The Next One feat Swizz Beatz


The drum kick is kind of hyphy at the jump off. Dance fans may recognize this sample from the Justice hit record D.A.N.C.E. This would be great in the club, seems that’s what Swizzy is good for these days. Jay lets the world know how ridiculously papered he is these days. “Niggaz in the same spot/ me I’m dodging raindrops/ meaning I’m on vacay/ chilling on the big yacht/ Yeah I got on flip flops/ white Louis boat shoes/ yall should grow the fuck up/ come here let me coach you/. Shots fired at the haters. DMX? On to the next one.

Off that feat Drake

“Welcome to the future”? Then I hear the same old wack Timbaland pop beats? The flow is ridiculous I can only wish the beat could have been the same. Drake pulls a Patti La Belle, only singing the hook. I think it’s a waste.

A Star Is Born feat J Cole

An ode to all the rappers that came through and smashed the game commercially, from Mase to Weezy. It wouldn’t be Jay without shots fired at the usual suspects like P, Fif and X. Jay makes sure to let us know he has longevity over all the others. The kid J Cole holds his own, peep this, “Clap for him/ then applaud Hov he gave him the platform/ flow so sick thought he wrote the rap for him/ No sir, the flow cold as the shoulders of gold digger hoes when a broke nigga approaches/ told yall focus man/ I’ll let you mothafuckaz soak it in/” WHAT!!!!!!!!

Venus vs Mars

The beat sounds like Timbaland jocking that Scott Storch beat of the Tipping Point, don’t say nothing.I like the opposite attracts concept to relationships from the hook up to the break up. “Was supposed to takeover, I caught her bumping ether” “Then for the Ponzi scheme shawty just made off” LOL! Yall who don’t stay up on current affairs won’t catch that last one.

Already Home feat Kid Cudi

The kid Cudi pulls a Patti La Belle. 30 seconds in and my head is already bobbing! Very mellow in true Kid Cudi style, Ye and No I.D. provide the perfect canvas for Jay to paint on. “ Niggaz is mad/ oh they call me a camel/ but I’ll last in the drought/ what the fuck I’m an animal”. Good stuff!

Hate feat Kanye West

808’s revisited. Ye opens this with some wack nursery rhyming. This is the ultimate brag swag jam as Jay Z blows his trumphet harder than a Mad House hooker blows a white dude holding dollars. It’s not that good, thank God it’s short.


Jay Z reads blogs? Wow! “All bloggers with comments, please I come in peace/ let’s see if I can cure your amnesia by the time I leave/”. I  like it, Jay reminds us of all his achievements. It’s apparently produced by Timbaland, sounds different in a good way. “What the hell have you done/ to even have an opinion on what I’ve been doing/ what the hell have yall won/ only thing you can identify with is losing” OUCH!!!!!

So Ambitious feat Pharell

This beat reminds me of that one song on Universal Mind Control, Punch Drunk Love. The Neptunes need to step their game up. I love this record though because it provides inspiration to anyone who’s ever wanted to make it at something and gotten put down by everyone around you. Head bobbing joint!

Forever Young feat Mr. Hudson

Mr. Hudson does justice to Alphaville’s “Forever Young” that Jay and Ye have sampled for this one. I can relate to this song! I feel this way everyday! Jay should consider doing a club remix for this, I can see my boy Turbo Funk spinning the house version at Double Inn loosely on a nigga’s birthday!

Jay-Z is definitely still one of the best emcees to ever pick up a microphone and even as he turns 40, he’s managed to record one of the best hip hop albums I have listened to in a minute. Not a classic like The Blueprint but way better than any other album in between.

Best Joints: Thank You, D.O.A, Empire State of Mind, Already Home, Forever Young.


10 Years Wiser – Wyre Album Review…It’s a long one!

Posted in Hip Hop, Music, Music Reviews, Women on September 11, 2009 by Saliva Vic

I am so late on my reviews so give a brother a break if you’ve been banging these joints for a minute. I’ve been trying to detoxify and become a better person before the turn of the year. Check it though; I decided to start off with a dude who’s been doing it big for the past decade! I’m going in!


Really fresh! Nice way to jump off. The kick is reminiscent of that Sean Paul jam about watch the girl ‘em roll. He should have done a full length record on this beat.


The one on radio and TV. This was actually produced and mixed by Arif Cooper himself in Jamaica! To the reggae challenged, this is the dude who created the relationships riddim that Wyre and everyone’s mother sang over. I like it.


A Ulopa production. It sounds girly and I’m sure the ladies will love this one. It’s typical Love Child. Ulopa did a good job on production though.

Usiniache feat Chege

This one has Chege from TMK on it! Excited. Definite banger! Great production and I’m shocked to see Maich Black in the credits! This joint has more surprises than BBA Revolution. The downside about the beat is that it sounds like Musyoka circa 2006, which if you think about is still pretty fantastic.

Without You

It starts off as a ballard. Some danceable finger snaps on this. Very sentimental lyrics. I was reviewing this as my girlfriend was listening and she was ecstatic. Dudes if you’re in the doghouse, bump this shit!

Top of the game

Another great beat from Ulopa. Dancehall! Sad that I had to reduce the volume as my girl took a call. Definitely a club banger, must be played loud coz otherwise lyrically it fails to really grab your attention.

Sina Makosa

Goodness! Wyre tried to put a new spin on this classic. I must admit the ragga feel is fresh, especially the synths.

Bringing it home feat P-Square

Sigh! P-Square are on this one. It’s kind of screwed up crunk. Once again, Ulopa on the beat. I don’t think it’s that good but I’m sure P-Square fans will love it. This song has the potential to get both the East and West African fans motivated.

Bigga Tune

Oooh! Sexy Chick Voice! This is the brag swag jam, Wyre let’s the world know how dope his shit is. It’s alright, very reggae-esque.

Njoo Nami

A love jam with brilliant chords that make me think of Harry Kimani. Wyre has dedicated this one to the wifey, lovely! Definitely a jam that will be played at yuppie weddings as the couple enjoys their first dance. (Hanifa)

Can’t Change feat Navio

My man Navio makes a guest appearance on this. It’s very hip hop! Navio rips the beat a new one, sample this, “You can judge me if you want/ you can try to change me but you won’t/ it’s East Africa till the death of me/ Everybody heated up, Yeah I got the recipe/”. This is getting old but it’s Ulopa, once again on the production tip. Fuego!

Good Man

Very conscious! This is a well written song for the working man. I was chanting to this mayne. Had he included one of the Mau Mau rappers on this, shit would be a classic.

All for you feat. Faze

This is very high energy. One of my favorite Naija boys, Faze is on this one. Produced by Maich Black, sounding like Musyoka circa ’06, the lyrics are weak and its dedicated to Naija girls. Hmmmmm…….

Run Dem

This one is kind of boring due to its Crunk-esque nature. It’s produced by Ulopa 😦

Don’t get enough

Another boring song, makes me wonder if these last two are fillers. The album is long enough so what’s the deal with these two? On the upside, the beat is sick and sounds young.

Track like what

Wow these are many songs!  Great production from Ulopa. If Wyre drops this as a single and gets great dancers showing their moves, this one could be a monster! DNG would have hyped this beat more than Wyre does.

Kolo feat. Nicon

Nicon, Naija boys based in USIU make an appearance here. This has the potential to be a big tune. It appeals well to both the East and West African market. Big up Dillie for the beat but did I hear one of the boys rap, “Shake your bacchus”?

What do they know

This is a love song. Gay! FFWD!


I’ve heard this one before, it’s rather old but cool. I got up to dance to this.

Protect Me

Loving the beat mayne! It’s kind of roots reggae. I would say it’s the best record in the album.

This album is rather long but definitely worth the time and money. I however feel that I’d have been better off without “Run Dem” and “Don’t get enough”. I’ll keep it in rotation in my changer definitely.

Best Jams: Protect Me, Kolo, Good Man, Usiniache, Can’t Change


The Queen Mother

Posted in Women on September 11, 2009 by Saliva Vic

“Just working with the scraps you were given/ my mama made miracles every thanksgiving/” – 2Pac

I was thinking about 2Pac today. Most of you know that I am a hip hop fan and therefore this comes as no surprise. However I only love one album by 2Pac, “Me against the world”, and one album by his alter ego, Makaveli, “The Don Killuminati”. The reason for this is that these albums’ lyrics transcended Pac’s wack ass flow and I relate to most of the records on both albums. 2pac came to mind today as I watched this Naija movie called My Story. It got me thinking about the most important woman in a boy’s life, the queen 2Pac immortalized in song, Dear Mama.

I was thinking about the way a mother deeply affects the decisions that a young man makes with regards to dating and marriage. You see, there I was seated there with my mom watching this amazing 3 part Naija epic where the mother to this poor chap torments her daughter in law because she isn’t from the same class/ pedigree as her and her son. The dude had been raised solely by the mother and as such, homeboy was still a mama’s boy just as numerous young men in Nairobi are.

As we were regaled by this tale, my mom played the full protagonist and I the antagonist, as always. My mom was really rooting for this ass clown to leave his mother’s house so that he can live happily ever after with the ghetto girl. I was for the idea that, were it a real life scenario it could never happen. Picture this; the dude manages his mother’s businesses, lives in his mother’s mansion and on top of all that, was raised by this single mother. How in God’s name does a mama’s boy like that turn his back on all that wealth and the woman he has known all his life?

This will get me in trouble with the likes of Ciru Muiruri who want men with balls the size of watermelons, but the truth is that mommy dearest will turn any man into a little bitch! Sans balls! Our mothers always know our weaknesses and will never hesitate to exploit these weaknesses to get us to do their bidding. I am not married but I have dated my fair share of women who mama didn’t approve of. As much as I never broke up with any of them due to that reason, mama’s opinion always made it that much easier to exit when the boredom kicked in. I’m just saying.

It might seem like it’s a bitch move from a lady’s point of view but best believe that if the shoe was on the other foot and daddy was telling his little girl how much of a loser I was, she’s bolt like Usain from the relationship. There’s an upside to this Maternal/ Paternal pressure however. I have come to realize as I get older, I care less and less about external pressure from not only my mama but even from my peers. I bow more to internal pressure from my desires and dreams, what I need to achieve for me. I hope the same goes for everyone.

I now wonder what the point of this post was. I think it was to encourage you to watch more African shit and listen to positive music.