Toast To The Original B Boy…Michael Jackson for the slow ones!

“Too high to get over/ yeah yeah/ too low to get under/ yeah yeah/” – Michael Jackson

Yesterday, I went to bed in a drunken stupor after self medicating on some cheap liquor with the lyrical genius of Craig G bangin in the background. I was pretty out of it and as such didn’t have the energy to pick up my cell phone when I heard its annoying beep signaling an incoming message at the stroke of midnight. When I awoke at 0430h I quickly checked the text message which was from my cousin Kay and there it was in four words, “Michael Jackson just died”.

I immediately switched over to all the major news networks, CNN, Sky News, BBC, all of who up and till now as I sit here typing this have covered the story in great detail, showcasing the icon who recorded what has come to be known as the greatest and biggest selling album of all time, Thriller. As an 80’s baby I was greatly influenced by MJ. From the days when the only channel we had was VOK and I sat there as a child on Sunday nights watching Fred Obachi Machoka on Music Time, he would introduce Michael’s groundbreaking videos by telling the older adults to make room for the young ones as he was about to play “Bad”, “Beat it” or any other of the plethora of vidz from Michael’s catalogue.

Today it would be crazy if I didn’t take time out to pay tribute to a great artist who inspired all manner of entertainers from boy bands to stand up comedians, hip hop emcees to soul artists, screen actors to stage dancers. To the greatest entertainer ever, I will always admire you Michael. Like Bob, Nina, Billy, Frank, Biggie, Big L and Pac, you will always be in my CD changer and in my memories.

To the original Break Boy, I’ll be break dancing while I sip my Napoleon tonight.



3 Responses to “Toast To The Original B Boy…Michael Jackson for the slow ones!”

  1. onetreehill Says:

    I had a crush on that brother! I remember way back in primary school one chic had his photo – I was so green with envy. The sexiest photo of him in the costume doing the BAD song (I could sing along even to the oohs and aahs)!

    Still can’t do the moonwalk ish! Damn!

  2. Michael was a legend. Though i believe he died like 20 years ago, but that’s just me & my paranoid ways… Lol!

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