Transformers 2….really?

“Get the picture, now commit the crime/ when it’s on I transform like Optimus Prime” – DMX

I miss 1999. That was one great year. It was the year that I completed high school, it was the year that Eminem dropped his first LP, The Slim Shady LP and it was the year of the dog. What do I mean by that, 1999 was the year that saw DMX at his prime with 2 incredible albums and a rough, rugged and raw rhyming style that blew me away as a teen writing my own rhymes. I was reminded of this wonderful year by the trailer to the upcoming Transformers 2 movie, “Revenge of the Fallen” that I received in my email this morning.

I didn’t think that the first Transformers movie was all that but then again what comic book geek such as myself ever thinks that the movie adaptation to any comic was great? (See Punisher, Blade, Superman…the list is endless) I did however think they did a pretty good job especially with the effects, it’s just the character distortion that I didn’t and never appreciate and Hollywood stays doing it. Anywho, back to the Transformers 2 trailer, my brother had already peeped it and said it looked fan-fucking-tastic (I paraphrase) but I laughed it off.

Now I am forced to swallow my words. The trailer looks awesome, showing the transformation and action sequences from a few scenes as well as giving a taste of one of the new characters which looks like something out of Beast Wars (which I never gave a shit about, mind you). The trailer brings to mind Entourage, when they did the amazing trailer for Medellin but the movie was absolute shit! It is a Michael Bay film which is a plus for action movie lovers but Bay isn’t exactly known for his depth in bringing out a story so I don’t entirely look forward to it.

All in all it will drive the crowds into the cinema halls in Nairobi as they keep feeding us with the blockbusters as they explode across the summer screens in the US. I’ll just do this movie the way I do with my liquor, wait for the cheap or free bootleg to drop. Who knows, Megan Fox might show a boob in this one….NOT!



3 Responses to “Transformers 2….really?”

  1. ROTFLMBAO…! As much as i love Transformers, despite Holly-mbao fucking up the story line, i doubt i’ll go big screen. Bootleg till the end…!

  2. A few weeks l8r, guess who wuz leaving The Junction at midnight, having watched, wait for it… Damnit, militant, y wud u make such sweeping statements when u know u a diehard fan? Abt the xter distortion Bella, its wat we filmmakers call “creative licence”. Suck it up! Lol.

  3. Hahahahaha! Come on Ash, after waiting 12 months for a movie, I had to watch it big screen… And believe me, it was totally worth it!!!

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