Shortest Post! The Editors!

“There’s a devil at your side with an angel on her wing” – The Editors

If you have read this blog since day one when it first premiered on Kenyanblogger and followed it till Kenyanblogger went down and it got a new home on wordpress, then you ill have noticed that once in a while I will talk about hip hop as I am a true to life hip hop head since I was 10. One thing a lot of people that have met me in person always find themselves amazed about is that I listen to all genres of music and surprising to most I listen to quite a bit of rock music.

As is the case with rap music, I prefer alternative rock but I’ll listen to anything of it is sonically satisfactory (pleasant to the ear for the slow ones). As I find is happening more and more these days, ever since I was declared unemployed, I seem to wake up and listen to rock music to help me get over some of the crazy thoughts that run in my head with relation to monetary issues. I received a mix CD from a friend that contained a song called Racing Rats by The Editors. I hadn’t listened to the band before and I decided to look for the album that contained the song coz it was so fucking good!

I haven’t been able to get time with my music supplier so I wasn’t able to get it up until I went over to use my brother’s computer and there it was! The album is incredible. I listened to the whole thing and it is absolutely fantastic. I may be a little late on this one but I am letting all of you know that these guys really rock and if you are a rock fan you must check them out.

Got any bands that an alkaholik should check out? Holla! But for now check out Racing Rats.



4 Responses to “Shortest Post! The Editors!”

  1. Homosexuals listen to the coolest jams! It has been proven 🙂

  2. onetreehill Says:

    I just listened to that track – I rewound it like 20 times. Tight! They good!

  3. Hahahahaha…! I haven’t been here in a minute! Begin musically diverse rocks. Btw, you should try out the Eric Prydz, Bob Sinclair and Staind – 14 Shades of Gray & The Singles.

  4. boyfulani. Says:

    thought i once left a comment here…

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