Rave and Rant!

“I said Snoop, things done changed/ its not the same/ we need to get up out the game/ coz we can get paid in a different way/ witchu kickin dope rhymes while I DJ/ But as time gon pass we’d even try to make it/ But things are getting hectic/ I just can’t take it” – Warren G

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I think the year was 1993; Warren G dropped one of the most incredible albums to be recorded by a DJ/ Producer/ Rapper. With the exception of Dr.Dre’s Chronic and Black Milk’s Popular Demand I doubt if any other Producer/ Rapper album matches up to Warren’s only truly solid effort, G Funk Era. I am reminded of G Funk Era today due to the trials and tribulations that I so happen to be experiencing currently.

On G Funk Era, Warren had a song called, “You don’t see” where he spoke of the hardships faced by three teenagers growing up in Long Beach and Compton having to deal with police harassment, gang violence and harsh role models or lack thereof. This song helped me understand a lot when I was only 13 but now 15 years after the fact I am forced to revisit it due to my current situation. That is what makes a great record. Longevity!

A record that will withstand the test of time and solely for the reason that it carries a message! This is what is lacking with a lot of hip hop records lately. Artists seem to forget that this artform came to being as a means to spread a message using the lingo that the youth understood and used to express themselves. The culture was built on the message and having fun but rappers seem to only want to have fun or kill each other these days. Fuck a message!

I shudder at the thought of me as a teenager in today’s world going through my issues that face all other teens that are struggling and when I turn on the radio to listen to some hip hop I get Soulja Boy telling me to kiss my girl through the phone that I don’t own and Lil Wayne telling me how he hooked up with the officer who last night took me on patrol at the back of their truck because they found me going to the shop at 9pm and I didn’t have ID which I’m not entitled to get for another 4 years.

This brings me to the other point, it’s not only the artist’s fault though, we as rap fans, the radio presenters and DJ’s are to blame too. As fans we must demand more of artists with regard to content while the presenters and DJ’s should give the music that didn’t crack the top 40 a chance. You never know, the kids might enjoy it!

Wow! That felt good. Precisely one of the reasons I started a blog so that I can rant about shit when I feel like the world is going to fall around my ears. Have a good one and try and listen to something you can relate to while nodding your head or doing the stanky leg or whatever else it is you do when you listen to a record you like.



7 Responses to “Rave and Rant!”

  1. you know the other day in a bus on my way to costo a heated discussion came up and by the way you know all the folks involved issue was solja boy and his super-man-that-ho vibe i found it totally annoying that solja boy cud make it through grownassman talk a still SMH

    PS Welcome back!

  2. What it do dude!!! Now, I want you to do a special favour for us, your fans. Do a Jackie Collins for us, write up a steamy sexual true sex story that you experienced, maybe one of your random bangs…in very vivid and explicit words…is that possible?

  3. onetreehill Says:

    Dude, it seems like you dropped off the face of the earth. Been checkin’ up on your blog to find some inspiration, lakini …
    @ Spielberg, lol @ random bangs. Judging from some posts on this wonderful blog, bella would write about ‘1000 masterpieces’, then retire at his present age and enjoy the returns.

  4. That was my FB status a while back about how its about how this foolish ATL cats are gettin air play to some bullshit…while we dont hear inspirational stuff from like mosdef, talib kweli and such on mainstream but forced to listen to Sboy swagga surfin..yet another bullshit dance!! arghhhhh
    happy 4/20 by the way get dat herb..

  5. boyfulani Says:

    that’s why i listen to rock.

  6. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- Says:

    Wayne must have been hi doing that wiu wiu ….song. so spaced out to think he could screw a city cop. Show me one cute assed city cop and I will be a wayne groupie.

  7. Sisemi kitu! I actually know someone who likes that “Soulja Boy tellem” song. A radio presenter! Damn! Finally woke up did u?

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