Detox, is it practical?

“Overdose at christmas and give it up for lent/ my friends are all so cynical refuse to keep the faith/ we all enjoy the madness coz we know we gonna fade away” – Robbie Williams

I was just listening to good old Robbie on behalf of my cynical catholic buddies who are busy updating their status (or is it statii) on facebook and Twitter, talking about how they will abstain from all things sinful for 40 days yet they know that they will be with me at a bar grabbing some women of loose morals partaking in drugs and eating all animal meat tomorrow if not tonight!

I have never fasted and I can’t lie and say that my detox programmes were ever a success. The only time I don’t drink or eat is when I can’t afford it! My only success was 5 years abstinence for sex and for a drunk fat guy that can be wuite easy. It’s not like girls are beating down the door to lay me now is it?

This got me thinking, is detox/ rehab really practical or does it just make the craving worse? I know for a fact that the universe will always tempt you when you decide to quit the drink for a week or two with all sorts of offers from your pals. That’s the time the miser from the pub down the street decides it will be a good idea to buy you unlimited drinks. It only leads to a series of fortunate/ unfortunate events that will result in you breaking your fast!

I am not trying to encourage anyone to give up on what they have started, if any, and neither am I throwing lent under the bus. All I am saying is that detox is setting yourself up for major fail! But in the event that you succeed then three cheers to you and we can all proceed to overdose then detoxify all over again.

Speaking of detoxification, I will be detoxing myself due to the recession as pretty soon I will barely be able to afford a Kane Extra at the rate the economy is getting fucked up. Due to this circumstances I must.



11 Responses to “Detox, is it practical?”

  1. detox is for quitters

  2. ive done 2weeks of detoxing so far tryna see if i will get through today and make it 3 weeks problem is i stil buy negros alcohol on end on that note wherez ur farewell party i can come through get you a double.. triple.. depending on the state u’l be in!

  3. i know i will be there on the regular that place has it demons that keep whispering to me to go back! shiyet! no alcohol for me though but gals yes…

  4. thinnaddict Says:

    Lawd knows i’mnot strong to do that ish anymore!! maybe i’m way in too deep to go back to focus!! lets see Salim Malik get past those 53 days.. that’ll be one for the records!!

  5. Now my case is different, I actually forget to drink! I am suffering from what is commonly known as work related, I wake up too early and sleep so late, day in, day out to the point I forget to even eat and drink for that matter. Why make the money, if you can’t drink it? I miss weekend drink fests!

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  7. @bees ati u 4got to drink thats a new one,

    i jus think think setting ur self for quiting is setting urself up for failure….. nothing mo.unless ur a cat and have nine lifes

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  9. Tell y’all niggaz some real shit, the ultimate detoz plan is mine; don’y touch booze from the time i wake my hangovered ass till i get to the bar. Works like a charm and besides, i am not a quitter , my mama ain’t raise no quitter.

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