Kubhatiwa Bombe!!! Bashment…

“All this drinkin gon catch up/ all this smokin gon catch up/ but some niggaz just really don’t give a fuck” – Ludacris

Hey everyone that reads this blog! Sorry I don’t update as regularly as I should but what are you going to do? You will take what you can get right? If you follow the blog then by now you know that I like getting smashed more than the next guy. However, this past weekend I finally came up with a name for getting wasted out of your mind! Bashment!

Let me explain, at the local there is this dude called Bash who is like half ethiopian and other half somali, a rather nice chap who has a love for porn and electrical gadgets. Bash has issues talking swahili and his accent makes things sound so funny. When he wants to buy alcohol he says, ” Bhatiya yeye bombe”  instead of “mpe pombe” or whatever you may.

This phrase has been taken to mean getting jwizzed to the max especially when you’re not buying the booze.  I call it Bashment. Last saturday I was going to stay indoors so I curled up in bed with a good movie (watched Slumdog Millionaire for the 4th time) and a bottle of Napoleon 24 Carat Gold Brandy. Fast forward to 2a.m. I get a phone call from my girl 3 Nipples.

She tells me to head to the bar where she and some girls are chilling. Being a very loose goose I left the box to go to the bar only to find that she had left. All was not lost though coz I got to the local and the bar tenders were closing down and they wanted to share their booze. All I remember is that we got really drunk and headed to my mom’s house where I carried away a sufuria of chicken.

Yes you read right, picture a grown man in a mathree with an open sufuria of chicken! How the matatu guys didn’t refuse to carry me is beyond me. Everyone just looked at me like I was deranged. I woke up on Sunday and continued the bashment with drastic consequences but that’s a story for another post.

Bhatiwa Bombe!!!


8 Responses to “Kubhatiwa Bombe!!! Bashment…”

  1. Ok im sure th conda 4 that mat was a lunje.n 3 nipples?!? Waaarrrt!

  2. “bhatiya yeye bombe”!
    haha! dude this is killah! the only thing that made me laugh more is the fact that you were rolling with a suf of chicken! so now the hungry bouncer who was from jobo and was in that jav was thinking what??? Rough!!

  3. hahahaha a guy you’ve won u carried a sufuria in a mat with kuku… damn!

  4. You still got it, I just wish you’d take up my offer. Anyway happy to hear that your beer fests are still on, due to my messed up schedule, I don’t get a minute to drink. Drink on behalf of all of us and do blog on!

  5. I offered to get you published, if you are interested, holla.

  6. Wolfie 82 Says:

    Lol! that image of you mad high with a SUFURIA of KUKU in a mat…has killed me..lol!!bhatiwa kabisa 🙂

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