Hip Hop Stays Winning For Losing!

“Back in the day it was okay to fuck with me/ now you say the wrong shit niggaz hit you up for me/” – 50 Cent

Today I woke up in a bit of a lousy mood and got to work soon as I could to try and work on some scripts before I had to get down to my real job. I wasn’t feeling creative so I decided to check out what’s hot on the internets and so I headed to Byron Crawford’s blog only to find a post that was titled, “My favorite dis record evar”.

On checking it, it was none other than Fiddy going hard at Officer Ricky. Now on the one hand I think that 50 is being childish with all this picking on the fat kid in class who’s trying to be cool. I also feel Rick Ross Officer Ricky is trying to hard to be the cool kid to fit in. The nucca got exposed and should have gone down somewhere in Miami and retired.

Both this rappers to me have been dropping sub par material the past 3 or so years so I don’t really care but this record is the mother! It reminds me of when 50 came out and smashed Ja Rule with that “Back Down” record. So hip hop wins for losing in this case i.e. stupid childish beef results in stellar record.

The beat is killing me! Great production! Play it, it’s over for Officer Ricky!



7 Responses to “Hip Hop Stays Winning For Losing!”

  1. the wig move was gay!!

  2. Quit bitching and enjoy this video!!! B.O.S.S. and by the way, check out my 2 cents on the beef, 10 – 0

  3. how now….ricky got all sorts of food spread out in front of a nigga….Tia told me is >>>>>>>>ether…..how does officer ricky even mention money, does ne know what he’s saying? i don’t like 50 but southern rappers are slow….


  4. Dude, i can’t seem to get the Tia Told Me video, it’s not available anymore… 😦

  5. thats just rough 6 ways to sunday! hahaha! then the song is called “tia told me”. you know fiddy dug her right……

  6. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- Says:

    I wonder why I would be listening to Fiddy or Ricky.

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