Stay Positive, I don’t mean HIV!

“My dream is to fly over the rainbow so high” – Jaba

I will let you in on a secret, having a steady girlfriend or being in a relationship will hinder your blogging. I realised that the times I rarely wrote were the times I was in a relatuionship. Ever since that ended I’m writing again, the blogger’s block is cured. Don’t take this however to mean that getting laid gives you blogger’s block. Relationships do.

I think it’s in part that if your gilrfriend reads something incriminating in your post it could spell the end of your steady pussy relationship. That’s not the topic of this post though, I am writing about being positive and I mean the good kind not the HIV kind. I have developed a positive outlook on life and its fantastic! I’m still the hater you hate to hate but just more positive.

I believe that if you manage to stay a whole day having nothing but positive thoughts or at least very few negative thoughts then the universe automatically rewards you with positivity! It’s the only way and I believe the universe can do this in monetary terms or in kind.

Therefore due to the sad situation pertaining to my bank account, like there’s ever a joyful situation when it comes to my bank account, I am staying positive that somehow this weekend will still be filled with food, booze and funny friends!

On that note, let’s dance!



11 Responses to “Stay Positive, I don’t mean HIV!”

  1. Thats what got me where I am today. If we ever meet, drinks are on me. Stay positive.

  2. cool….that’s what i like to hear…actually met a fellow blogger yesterday and he got me drinks mayne…what a night…

  3. amen! i’m so with you there. and all i can say is, so far, so good.

  4. im liking this new philosophy guy!

  5. I thought beer was supposed to kill ur brain cells but it actual;ly makin u smarter power to the booze

  6. Positive thoughts attract good things.. its a case of the universe realigning itself to your thoughts and in the process rewarding for maintaining the balance u should watch the secret dude
    @vipper there’z nothing like beer killing ur brain cells LOL

  7. Fuck that Secrets bullshit. When you are positive, the universe doesn’t reward you, when you are positive, you concentrate and strive to succeed… Therefore, do be positive, but don’t expect the universe to do shit. We all know bad things always happen to good people (Katrina, war in Ira & Afghanistan, war in Gaza, Jewish holocaust, civil war in Africa, disease in Africa, corruption in Africa, slavery… and the list goes on..)

  8. bellasbiz Says:

    @Militant…..i have never seen the secret so i wouldn’t know what the fuck you’re on about i don’t do self help……the bad shit that happens as you say to good people is because of all the negative energy in the world guy!

  9. Millitant nice skool of thought

    @p4wned wachana na secret use ur own brain men….lol

  10. i dont subscribe to the whole secret falacy ish just the staying positive part bitchez..!

  11. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- Says:

    Amen to living positive

    I feel you on the bank account part got three that read three digits each as I type this

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